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Son of Ink: Benicio Drew

You just got a job at Domain Casino and are very excited, but unfortunately, nothing is perfect. There are so many things to be afraid of. You're in for a ride with the one and only Mob boss, Benicio Drew, your long lost friend, Abel Angel, and their crew. What could happen?...Info: (Y/N) means 'Your Name'

Created by: fire_dont_fly

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Chapter 12 of 12 - Alice

I walked through the crowd, trying not to draw attention to myself. Mr. Moon was still standing on the other side of the room, waiting for my arrival. I approached him, but all he did was stare out into the crowd. "You needed to talk?" I said, glancing over at what he was looking at, "Indeed, but not here," he replied, "Follow me." He started to walk away from the crowd and near a small room in the corner. He looked back at me and rolled his eyes, walking into the room. I followed him into the room, but I couldn't see him. The door suddenly shut, revealing Moon behind it, "I see you brought the Angel," he retorted, walking to the center of the room. It was like a living room, but smaller. It must be the butler's workroom. "He was invited," I replied, trying not to look directly into Moon's eye. "I see," he said, sitting in one of the chairs by the fireplace, "Let's talk about Alice," Moon said, locking his hands together and placing them on his chin, "A little bird told me that Alice would be attending the gala tonight. Since Mr. Mendal owns an Ink factory, Alice might persuade him and/or Mrs. Mendal into selling her the ink she wants," Moon stated, looking straight at me. I froze in place, trying not to tremble in fear, "When did you start caring about Alice," I said grimly, "Or anyone in general." "I don't insist on helping Alice in any way, all I will do is simply inform you about the situation," "Again, when did you start caring," "You should know, Benicio, I want the ink as much as Alice does," "What are you saying?" Everything went silent. I could hear almost every breath in the room, it sounded like we had company. Someone started to walk behind me, slowly circling the room, "Hello, Bendy," . .. ... .. . Benicio felt cold. He knew that voice more than anyone did, "Alice," he stammered, trying to find where she was. "It's been so long since I last saw you, brother. How's Boris doing? We had a little, fun get together a couple of days ago," Alice taunted, still hiding in the shadows of the room. "You're a witch for hurting him, Alice," Benicio muttered through clenched teeth. "A witch? Now, Benicio, don't you think that's a little too far fetched? I am nothing but a lonely angel," Alice replied, walking to where Moon was sitting, "I thought you would be a little more excited to see me again." Benicio felt like he was going to erupt with anger, "You know that this ink will hurt you, why do you still strive to get it!" Benicio said, trying not to yell. Alice did nothing but smirk behind her hat. Mr. Moon sat patiently in the chair, watching as Benicio panted with rage and worry. Alice suddenly ripped her hat off her head. Large, gaping holes on the side of her face shown visibly in the fire's light. Benicio saw her bare teeth glistening behind them. Her left eye was nothing but a deep, black hole. Her halo that was once bright a wonderful was dim and broken, one end engraved into her head, "This is why! This is why I would do anything to be beautiful again! I curse the day Joey betrayed us! Betrayed me! Even if I die, I won't die a hideous monster! The long days of living in dark, inky abyss will be over! I will be the angel I once was! Demon or no demon, I will be free!" Alice yelled, clawing the chair Moon sat in. Benicio could tell that she was refraining herself from attacking him. Alice took a deep breath to calm down. Moon seemed a little shocked, for he was leaning away from Alice in his chair. "So, Mr. Moon has agreed to help me get the ink I need to fix myself. I get ink, he gets ink, It's a win-win," Alice said, chuckling in a sane manner, "But wait! There's more," Alice said, laughing between lines, "The reason why you're here is so you can't leave," Alice said, clenching her hat to wear it was no longer new. She started laughing maniacally, Moon chuckling along with her. Alice suddenly stopped and grabbed Benicio's arm, "BORIS IS MINE! THE ANGEL IS MINE! His wings are MINE... I will be BEAUTIFUL AGAIN! and you... can't!... STOP ME!" Alice screeched, digging her claws into Benicio's arm. He grunted in pain, trying to unlock Alice's grip. "You can't take them! You don't know what you're doing!" Benicio yelled in pain. "I do know, Benicio, I do! I know about (Y/N), your precious treasure. She's a sweet pea in a single pod. The best part is that you will never see any of them again!" she said, dragging Benicio towards the back door, "My Ink Men are already on it..."

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