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There is a pretty new girl at school. What no one knows is her unusual secret. Will Jack ever find out that Kate isn't who he thinks she is?
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Sisters

Jack HATED 1st hour. He despised it. To him, math was just another way of getting seventh grade students to lose their minds. Well, that was until SHE showed up. Kate. The prettiest newbie in seventh grade. She had dark red hair that went down to her shoulders and the brightest green eyes in the universe. It certainly looked like she was from a different universe! Kate wore a green and yellow tie dyed shirt with white ripped jeans. She was beautiful. The best part was, Jack was going to get to show her around! When Kate took her spot next to him, Jack could not help blushing. "Are you alright?" Kate whispered. "You're as red as a tomato!" Sara, from two seats over hid a laugh. "Yeah, Jack, something WRONG?" She teased. "No, nothing is wrong, Sara." He said defensively. "Not yet that is." He said under his breath. He knew that Sara would tease him at home, she was his twin! But luckily, Jack was not going to be at home for a while. He'd be at the zoo with Luke, his best friend. But first, he had math. Later, at 4:50, Jack was walking out with Luke and Sara. “JAAAACK!!!” Carter, Luke's little brother was calling from a nearby van. “Looks like you've got an admirer, Jacky-boy!” Sara snickered. “I TOLD you not to call me that!” Jack groaned as he watched his twin flip her curly blond braid around like a fan blade. She laughed. Jack's identical (but MUCH shorter) hair was neatly brushed behind his ears and slicked down with gel. “When will you listen?” Jack sighed, his blue eyes rolling. “Um, how 'bout tomorrow?” Sara laughed again and then ran off to their mom's shiny blue pickup. “Sisters.” Luke muttered. “I've got three of them.” This time, Jack laughed. “Lucky you!” He said. They both climbed into Luke's car. “ Mommy, tan I sit with Jack?” Carter asked. “I can't really move your car seat sweetie, maybe another time.” Mrs. Wilson said. “But,” Luke said. “We're going to the zoo!”

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