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Siren head

Over years tales and legends are told. Time goes by fast and slow. To heroes to monsters all kinds are told, but there is one that can really catch my eyes. His name is siren head. I have learned over the days that he is a 40 feet tall monster and his arms are the length of his body. He has 2 sirens for a head and rotten flesh that looks like rust. You can see wires in his flesh. So now you know some things lets get on with the story shall we...?
parts: 11

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Chapter 1 of 11 - Getting ready

It was a sunny day in Tucson Arizona as a girl named Charlie Mickine. She was sleeping in her bedroom. *Beep Beep Beep* Charlie wakes up to an alarm clock. She grones and reaches out lasly to turn it off . She drops her hand on the floor opening her emerald eyes. She yawns and stretches out. “ Ugh… I hate waking up..” She says getting up and walking towards her door opening it. She walks down stairs to her mother and her sister and brother Amy And Alex getting breakfast. “ Well good morning Charlie.” Says her mother Clara. “Good morning mother.” Charlie says walking up to the pantry. She thinks to herself about what she should have and decides the common breakfast cereal. She grabs the lucky charms and and her bowl placing it on the counter. She opens the fridge grabbing 2% milk. “So how was your sleep?” Askes her sister Amy. “It was good, how about yours?” Said Charlie walking to the table following her sister. “It was good.” Said Amy, grabbing her chair and sitting down. Charlie and her brother sat down. Then their mother came to sit. “ So kids who is ready for a family hiking trip!” Says their mother taking a bite out of her strawberry toast. “Ooo me where are we going.” Askes Alex finishing his food. “Well we are going to a very nice forsty place.” Says their mother getting up to wash her plate. “Ooh yes I love the forst!” Says Amy. Charlie gets up to wash her bowl and gets ready to get changed. “Ok get dressed we will be leaving soon!” Says their mother walking to her room.


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