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Singing Like A Siren

Hazel White isn't just the daughter of a million-dollar CEO, she's also secretly part-siren; magical creatures that woo sailors into the deep with their powerful voices. The only other place than home she can truly be herself is at school, a special academy for people like her; different. However, when students begin going missing, its up to Hazel to uncover the school's secret... before it's too late.

Created by: Lauren Monihan

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Chapter 8 of 9 - Hazel's Descendants' Powers

"Hazel, please get up!!!" Star pleaded, shaking the iron bars of the cage she was trapped in. "...Star? You've been here...?" "Yes, all of us captives have been down here, now please get up!!!" Star whisper-screamed. Hazel glanced at her shoulder; the bullet had almost pierced through the other side of her elbow, and now it was spurting... golden blood? There was no time to reflect on why Hazel's blood was golden, she staggered up, pain blurring her vision. "Where's the key?!" she gasped. Everyone around her pointed to a thick, rusty metal key sitting near the gigantic water tank. Hazel limped over as fast as she could, knowing that soon she would faint of blood loss. The key was much heavier than she thought, and that just sapped her energy even more. Finally, she made it to Star's cage and jammed the key inside. As Star let the other students out, one caught Hazel's eye; a very small girl with flaming red hair, being chained in a water tank up to her neck. Charcoal-colored spots splotched her body, and Hazel knew she had to save her. Suddenly, someone screamed, "FIRE!!!" Somehow, the giant metal key completely punctured a nearby oil tank which caught on fire. Everyone was panicking, and half of them weren't even out of their cages. Despite this, Hazel knew she had to break the chains that bound the little girl. So, with her last bit of strength, Hazel broke open the chains and glass so the little girl could escape. Suddenly, Hazel's legs finally gave out, and all was black... The sound of ocean waves woke Hazel that day. Sitting up, the pain had left her body... but all her wounds were still there. "You've made me so proud, Hazel..." a woman said... a woman with long red hair and a clear voice. Mystic. She was sitting on a nearby rock, her cyan tail barely grazing the crystal-clear water. "...I don't understand what you mean, Mom..." Hazel whispered, standing up to see her mother's face. "You knew you had to get shot to expose my ex. You knew you were gonna faint, bu you still got the key... you knew you had to save that girl instead of running away from the fire..." Mystic sighed. "Am I dead?" "Oh no, quite the contrary, you are merely passed out," Mystic said. She hesitated. "Your dad never said what breed of siren I was, did he?" Hazel stared at her late mom. "No, not one word..." "Well... my family is directly descended from the Golden Merfolk, mermaids and sirens with extraordinary abilities that much surpass a normal siren's..." Mystic explained. "Is that why my blood was golden?" "Yes." There was an odd silence... then Mystic looked at her daughter. "You must go back. Sagien will be waiting to face you head-on, and if he doesn't..." she grabbed Hazel's hands. Hundreds of innocent souls will be taken... you're the only one who can stop him, Hazel." "But..." Hazel looked skeptical and hopeless. "How will I be able to activate my powers?" Mystic jut smiled. "My child... "You already have." "You filthy non-humans are no match for me!!!" Kyle Sagien yelled with maniacal glee. Many of the teachers were still under Sagien's influence, and they had gathered all the escapees in the gymnasium. "The only being who could stop you now is in the auditorium, burning like the trash she was!" he shouted. "Hazel wasn't any sort of trash, you maniac!" screamed a student from the back. Two teachers instantly brought the guy in front of Sagien. It was Ashe. Somehow, while all the escapees were getting herded up here, he got caught in the mix. Kyle stepped to Ashe. "And who may you be, boy?" he snarled. "My name is Ashe Storms. The only trash in this room is the man who killed his girlfriend just because she made a stupid, drunk mistake!" Ashe hissed. Sagien stepped back. "Yeah, I know your backstory. I also know that after that one fluke, you decided all non-human beings are scoundrels, unfit for this society." "I don't know where you got that information, but you better close your mouth before I slit your throat," Kyle whispered, pulling out a long knife. "Oh yeah? Just because my crush is the daughter of your ex-girlfriend and ex-best friend?!" Ashe shouted. Sagien sliced his knife across Ashe's face, cutting out his eye in the process. Several of the kids screamed as blood splashed on the floor. "Last chance, Storms. Shut the hell up, or-" "I'll kill you." Everyone looked around for the voice. Suddenly, in a blinding flash of golden light... "You will not harm these students, Kyle!" It was Hazel.


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