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Singing Like A Siren

Hazel White isn't just the daughter of a million-dollar CEO, she's also secretly part-siren; magical creatures that woo sailors into the deep with their powerful voices. The only other place than home she can truly be herself is at school, a special academy for people like her; different. However, when students begin going missing, its up to Hazel to uncover the school's secret... before it's too late.

Created by: Lauren Monihan

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Chapter 7 of 9 - The Plan That Could Drown Her

The team established the plan that night: To keep themselves out of danger, Ashe and Maya would live at Brownie and Maya's place, since Ashe had no family, and Hazel would bring them their homework so they didn't miss out on too much. That was just for the normal school day, though: It was the plan for the talent show was the risky one: Maya and Brownie would be watching the talent show from hacking into the school security cameras. Ashe would stay after school and search for the hostages and missing students, including Star. He had to train like a ninja to stay hidden while looking for everyone. Hazel... her job was to sing the song her mother wrote for Sagien. According to his backstory, Sagien absolutely hates Hazel's mom and any reminder of her. If all goes according to plan, Sagien will shoot Hazel and expose himself in front of the entire school (and teachers, since the squad concluded that they were hypnotized). There was one major flaw, however: Hazel had no clue where the song lyrics were. Due to her flashback, she knew that her dad had hidden the lyrics to protect her, but now Mr. White was on a very long business trip. Even if he wasn't, however, Hazel knew she couldn't tell him anything about her plan. However, without the lyrics... they were screwed. "Mom... what you do in this situation?" Hazel whispered. The talent show was in two months. She was sitting outside her mom's gravestone; wide and polished, with a neat arrangement of rocks circling it. The gravestone read, "Mystic Sillia White- beloved daughter, wife, and mother." Hazel noticed a small chiseled quote beneath her death date. It read, "Beautiful secrets that can cause your death if you sing to the wrong person... just like a siren. When the moon is shining on all the stones but one, the deadly secret will show itself." When the moon is shining on all the stones but one... Hazel cracked the code immediately. Although the last place she wanted to sleep for the night was that graveyard, she didn't have a choice. Rushing to her home back and forth to gather camping supplies, she was hoping this would reveal the lyrics of the lost love song she so sought out. Finally, at 1:05 AM, Hazel noticed that 9 out of the 10 round stones circling her mom's grave were shining brightly in the moon. However, one stone, smaller than the rest, sat peacefully in the shade of a nearby willow tree. "That must be it..." Hazel thought excitedly. Gently pulling up the small rock, a thin tube came out with it. Opening up the tube, Hazel held her breath and hoped for the best. Inside was a long piece of paper rolled up... and written on it: lyrics and notes to "My Dearest Kyle". Hazel felt a rush of excitement and despair as she studied the lyrics. This was going to work, for sure. Finally, the day came. 200 students and staff gathered in the spacious auditorium. Hazel, who was dressed in a dress of her mother's design, stared at the other performers. These talented young people... their lives were on the line. Peeking out into the crowd through the curtains, Hazel's eyes immediately fell on a man talking with Mister Kodai: his blonde hair was oddly deceiving, but his sunken eyes... and pale skin... that was Sagien. As the acts went by, Hazel quietly rehearsed her song at the back of the dressing room. Finally, it was her time to shine. "And now, for our final act of the night," the emcee said. "Let's give it up to this school's only siren; Hazel White!" Hazel walked onto stage with a ukulele as calm as possible, smiling and waving. As she got situated on her stool, she noticed Sagien staring daggers into her soul. He knew exactly who she was, and he hated her as much as he hated Mystic. "Hello, everyone," Hazel said into the microphone. "Before I start, I'd like to say a little bit about the song I'm about to sing..." Sagien was twitching and his hands were gripping his knees. "This is a very special song that my mother wrote for her ex before passing away, and I hope you all enjoy," Hazel smiled. There was a light applause as Hazel began strumming on the guitar and singing... "Ohhhh~ how the seas... may sweep me away from you... Or the disdain of society... it pressures you, my dear. How we yearn to swim in the oceans together... How we wish to live and love forever... As you come to the singing of a siren~ my love~ You may call me obsessive as I defend us... Or you may say that I'm angry and rash~ But you know I will love you until time has stopped..." Hazel looked at Sagien. His hand was near his back pocket. She knew what had to be done... "My dearest Kyle, stay with me past when my pulse has dropped..." BANG!!! That did it. Sagien stood up and pulled the trigger, striking Hazel in her shoulder. She fell back with a scream as the audience stared at an insane-looking Kyle Saigen, who's secret identity was revealed.. As Hazel fell off her stool, her head hit a loose board on the stage and opened up a trap door, which she fell right into. "...Hazel?!" a voice called from beside her. Pain was searing through her body with each passing second, but Hazel still managed to look up at the familiar voice. There, sitting inside a heavily barred cage... it was Star, which meant that the trap door was hiding all the missing students.


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