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Singing Like A Siren

Hazel White isn't just the daughter of a million-dollar CEO, she's also secretly part-siren; magical creatures that woo sailors into the deep with their powerful voices. The only other place than home she can truly be herself is at school, a special academy for people like her; different. However, when students begin going missing, its up to Hazel to uncover the school's secret... before it's too late.

Created by: Lauren Monihan

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Chapter 6 of 9 - Mystic's Truth

The very next day, Hazel checked out the non-human hunters book and showed the picture of Kyle Sagien to Brownie, who carefully compared it to the security photo. After about ten minutes, Brownie stood up, her usually dark skin almost pale. "It's uncanny... their the same guy..." she muttered. Ashe began cursing under his breath. Maya grabbed onto Hazel, who was almost in shock. "Can you find out more about him?" she asked, her voice filling with fear, fury, and sadness. "I can try..." Brownie replied, looking into Sagien's permanent record. "Alright... so, he became a hunter after a non-human left him, which led him to thinking all non-humans were horrible and selfish... his weaknesses are water, because he can't swim, beautiful female singing, and a defenseless non-human child," she explained. Hazel realized something at that moment: She was part siren; she could swim like no one else AND her singing literally hypnotizes men and boys to do her bidding. However, being the very considerate person she was, she had never even attempted to woo a guy on purpose. All of a sudden, she thought of something. "Hey Brownie... who was the non-human who broke Sagien's heart?" Hazel whispered in a shaky voice. She was desperately begging in her mind that the woman who did it wasn't who she thought it was... "Well, let's see... this woman was apparently a siren..." Brownie said while loading up a file on her laptop. Strike one! Hazel's palms went sweaty. "... this woman is also, unfortunately, dead..." Strike two! Hazel swallowed back a scream. "...w-what was the w-woman's n-name?" she asked, ready to have a complete meltdown. The next words out of Brownie's mouth sent Hazel into a flashback: "Says here her name was... Mystic White." "Daddy?" a little girl asked. Hazel looked around. She was in a bathing suit, on a beach during sunset. Hazel noticed she could really feel the water and wet sand tickling her bare toes and feet, as if she was there at that moment. No one else was around, except for a man with brown hair and cyan eyes and a little girl with red hair. Hazel knew this was her and her father from when she was little... but she didn't remember this beach. "Tell me about Mommy's love life!" Little Hazel chirped. Mr. White sat on a nearby chair, holding his only daughter in his lap. "Your Mommy never had many boyfriends... just me and one other guy," he said, his voice in perfect harmony with the waves. "Ooh, what was he like?" Little Hazel asked curiously. "Well..." her dad stuttered. "His name was Kyle. He dated Mommy for about 6 years, until she met me. One day, we all went to a club together, and your mother and I did something that I shouldn't tell you... but then, your Mom got pregnant with you! When Kyle realized that the baby wasn't his, he broke up with Mommy... and I never heard from him again." Hazel's dad sighed. "Alright, we should probably head home now, sweetheart," he said, his voice beginning to echo. "Daddy?" Little Hazel's right eye turned black as her perky expression turned menacing. "If I find Mommy's killer, I'll kill them right back!" she yelled triumphantly. Normal Hazel couldn't help but laugh at her past self's determination. She knew that no one really killed her mom... right? Hazel blinked in the shade. Now, her clothes were normal, and she was in a graveyard. It was familiar, though... now she knew! This was the graveyard her mother was buried at. Looking around, Hazel noticed her dad sitting at her mom's grave... with a translucent, slim woman in flowing white robes and cyan mermaid tail sitting on top of the gravestone. "Darling, I understand your concerns...." the woman said in the clearest voice Hazel has ever heard. "Mystic, she said she want's to kill your killer! I can't tell her until she's old enough to have forgotten," Mr. White said. Hazel felt like someone brought a hammer to her skull. Was this really her mom, Mystic?! The next thing Mystic said caused Hazel to drop on her knees: "Baby, not even I know where Kyle is. Even if you did tell her that he killed me, she would never be able to find him!" "Darling, the time will come when Hazel's ready to know the truth," her dad said. Mystic swam through the air, wrapping her body around Mr. White's. "You still have the song lyrics, right?" she asked. Mr. White nodded. "Those lyrics are Kyle's last reminder of me... if she sings that around him, her will kill her, no doubt." Mystic explained. "She'll never learn about them, sweetheart," Hazel's dad said. "Good..." Mystic said with a kiss. That's when Hazel passed out again. "Hazel...? Hazel? HAZEL!!!" Maya yelled. Hazel's eyes shot open, and she sat straight up. She was back in Maya and Brownie's house, with Ashe supporting her head and Brownie bustling towards her with a cup of ice water. "Oh my god, Haze! Are you alright?! Do you need anythi-" "I'm alright, Brownie," Hazel said in a quivering voice. Ashe helped her stand up, and she walked onto the backyard patio and to a nearby hill. The moon was in the sky, really showing how much time passed while Hazel was out cold. She tried to soak it all in; the moonlight, the feel of her favorite dress, the still air... everything as tears began rolling down her face. She knew what had to be done. She knew she may die in the process of saving her school.. "Haze?!" Maya yelled. Hazel turned around to see Maya running up to her. "...what are you doing here?" she asked. "Four months..." Hazel whispered. Maya stared with a confused look on her face. "What do you-" "Four months until the talent show... the principal will be there, remember the flyer?" "Yes of course I remember-" "I have to sing..." Maya was shocked. "Sing?!" "Yes... the song my mother wrote for him... will draw him to me... I'll be able to expose him there..." "Hazel, I have no clue what you're planning, but you're doing it with me and Ashe." "No..." "What do you mean, 'no'?!" Maya cried angrily. "You aren't coming. I can't let you die..." Hazel exclaimed. "Haze, no! We're getting through this together! If you're life is on the line, then so is mine!" Maya yelled. "No, this is a solo mission! I have to do this alone!!!" Hazel growled. "Oh yeah? Why's that?!" Maya shouted. "BECAUSE HE KILLED MY MOTHER!!!!" Hazel screamed, the ground around her cracking. Maya seemed shocked. Hazel explained everything to her friend; the two flashbacks, how Sagien was her mom's ex, how he killed her... everything. The whole atmosphere changed at that moment as Hazel dropped to her knees and cried. "This is the only way... I need to sing the love song my mom wrote... he'll be exposed, and the teachers will see how horrible of a person he is." "Wait... how will you expose him?" Maya asked. Hazel looked straight into her friend's eyes. They knew what had to be done. "Haze... you could die from this..." Maya whimpered, her wolf ears lowering as tears streamed down her face. "This is in four months... that means I have plenty of time to prepare," Hazel said, hugging Maya as she weeped. "Hazel... please survive this... my child will want to grow up knowing their aunt Hazel..." Maya said, revealing that her stomach has gotten unusually bigger. Looking at Hazel with a smile and tears streaming down her face, she said, "The baby's due early... they're growing too fast... so they're due in about four and a half months..." Grabbing Hazel by the shoulders, she whispered through tears, "Hazel, you have to survive this... for my and my child's sake."


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