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Short scary stories

These stories might be scary, or could just be a bunch of boring poop? Well want to have a adventure with many of these stories, before you go to bed? You might think its not scary, but what if it is? It might, or it could just be nothing. Soo who's next??
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Chapter 1 of 2 - The monster in the pool...

Max throws his clothes out of his drawer, and underwear flew at his sister Jenny. Jenny looks at the underwear in disgust. "Max! Do you have to keep your room in a mess, all the time?" Jenny yells, picking up a book and swaps it at her brother. "Dude! I was just looking for my swimsuit! Not trying to make a mess, so you don't need to be such a jerk!" Max yells, looking at his sister, with his bright green eyes. Jenny rolls her ocean blue eyes. Jenny then goes to her closet, and takes out a pretty one piece swimsuit, for she was only 7. Max was 14, and they share a room together, which makes Jenny annoyed about it. "I'm telling mum! You called me a jerk!!" Jenny says after putting her swimsuit on. "Well...you don't need to get all naked in front of me!" Max says, running down the hallway into the bathroom to get dressed. Jenny stomps all the way down the stairs, with fake tears coming down her face. "Mommy?!?" Jenny says sniffing, "Max called me...a jerk!!" "I know you" Says Jenny mother, getting up from the chair she was sitting at. "If you do, you would'av gave me my own room!" Jenny's father shakes his head and said, "stop being a brat for once!" Jenny stomps her left foot down, with a angry look. Before Jenny's mother could say anything, Max comes down shouting with excitement. "TIME TO GO SWIMMING!!" "use your house voice, boy!" His dad says, sitting down in a comfortable looking couch, next to the lamp.The two children run outside, and jump into the pool, with a loud 'SPLASH'. Their friends were already there, eating Popsicle's. "Awww, I want one!" whines Jenny, looking at Max, all shivering in the cold pool. Max pays no attention to her. He looks down at the bottom of the pool, with a long stare. "Hey bru, ya ok?" His friend, Jack says, looking at him with worry. Long ripples, not from their jump, formed the pool. "Its to deep, I'm getting out!" Says Jenny, who always disliked this pool, "Max, you coming out to?" Max keeps staring, with a smile forming across his face. "Max?" His friends get in the pool, concern. "Look!" Max says, getting closer to the bottom. When they looked, they were, bewitched also. A woman's face appears in the water, to the boys, the girls could not see her face. The woman start singing, and touches Max's face. "Max! Are you ok?" their mom comes out, running towards the pool, and the father, for Jenny told them Max was smiling in a creepy way. All the boys were in fact. Blood start running down their eyes. The woman grabs Max by the head, and keeps singing. When his dad saw her, he yelled, "Its a siren!" The woman looks at him with a scared expression, then screams a loud piercing scream. Their dad cover his ears, as he see's his once wife, whom he thought was dead. Then the woman, siren grabs Max and brings him underneath the water, and his friends start screaming in pain. Jenny not knowing what was going on, got in the pool and kept yelling for them, but then she was pulled in to. Their father grabs a knife, and jumps in the pool....


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