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A girl who fought till her death bed and eventually, succeeded. Read the story to find more about her and her struggle
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Aileen

This is Aileen. Once a beautiful girl, now lying colorless on the bed. She had two younger sisters. Her family lived happily. She was taken care of, her wishes were granted. Whenever she needed anything, she just had to ask her father and if it was nothing harmful then daddy's princess always got it. When Aileen was 14, her father's company was shut down and soon they lost all their money. But it wasn't over till here. After some months, her father was falsely accused of theft. Lot of trials happened and since being poor, they were unable to hire a lawyer and lost the case. Her father was sentenced as a lifetime prisoner. Noone helped them. Their very own relatives whom Aileen's father had helped during their bad times, now averted their backs from them. The friends who were Aileen's lapdogs at school now called her a thief's daughter wherever she went. Aileen felt these words cut through her heart but she ignored. And when it became unbearable, she left the school. Some more months later, her mother died. It was an another shock to her. She was so heartbroken that she even considered suicide once but then remembered her sisters who had no one apart from her. She put them in a school and started to earn money by knitting. She knitted day and night. The people called her names, called her a loser, some called her pathetic but none helped. They watched it as an entertainment show. Aileen suffered it all quietly. She had became half blind by knitting but didn't buy glasses. Because of leaning too much towards the yarns to see better, a hunch was growing on her back. After years of hardwork, Aileen had saved enough money to hire a lawyer. Lots of trials happened again and eventually, they won the case. Today her father was coming home. Waiting for him, a 20 year old Aileen was in the bed. Her beautiful blonde hair were sleek on her forehead, her beautiful pale skin now looked yellow, her rosy lips now looked blue. She smiled to herself as the memories flashed before her eyes. Satisfied that she had played her part valiantly. She was in bed sweating and fighting typhoid and lots of other diseases, she had never heard the name of. One of her sisters was sitting beside her and the other had gone to bring father. A knock came on her door and she shuffled. Her father entered the room. Weak as she was, ignoring the pain in her colorless lips she smiled. Her father was shocked to see her like this and started calling a doctor but Aileen held his hand. " I don't need..need a doctor.... just don't...leave..my sisters a...alone again." She said, took her last breath and with her father's hand in hers, her soul parted her body. The house burst into sobs and another person, shattered by the harsh words and unjustice, fighting bravely, left this world.

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