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Basically, There is a girl called Maxine and she has an unusual ability to create something out of nothing. She meets an evil dragon along the way (adventure) and teams up with the people in her village and defeats the dragon.
parts: 3

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Chapter 1 of 3 - Maxine's first day

Maxine looked out at her new school ahead of her, she was excited but, mainly nervous. She heard that the kids at this school weren't very nice. “What will they do if they find out that I have powers?” She thought Of course, what would happen is bullying. Her parents didn't care about her much. They spent all their money on themselves, they didn't even care if Maxine got strait A+'S! But she was used to it. All she had to do, is leave the house when they weren't at home. “Well, here I go!” She said, of course, she knew she wasn't welcome. The bell rang minuets later, people pushed to get to the door first. And someone extremely mean, pushed her so hard, that she fell over, and dropped her books. People around her passed, sniggering like piglets. Someone even kicked her books, but Maxine showed no weakness. Instead, she picked up her books, lifted herself off the ground and went through the oak doors, towards a hellish sort of day. What does Maxine do? What happens? Find out in the next chapter!


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