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Russian Roulette

Colia Jackson is known for being very mysterious, antisocial, and quite numb. She never seems to get any older, traveling the country and seeming to take note of all those wolves in sheeps' clothing. Who knew that she is secretly the head of a mafia that finds bullies and criminals, then kidnaps them and forces them to play... Russian Roulette.
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Chapter 1 of 11 - Colia's Job...

"What a shame..." Colia Jackson sighed. A slim, red party outfit hugged her slim, white body. Her face was seductive and beautiful, with her dirty, blonde hair tied into a very messy bun. She walked through the dark, underground base, her red heels clicking against the concrete floor as she opened the door to an old interrogation room. Inside... pools of blood splattered on the floor and the wooden, circle table in the middle, with several dead bodies lying on the floor. Each one had a distinctive bullet hole to the side of their head. "Missed all the fun, did I? Wish I was here..." Colia said. She began hauling away one body into a chute to the side of the room. Suddenly, she heard a moan and looked back. A girl was pulling herself up, blood dripping from her head. "Oh, a survivor, eh? Guess I didn't miss ALL the fun," Colia smirked. The girl pulled herself onto a wooden chair. "...y-you... killed m-my b-boyfriend... a-and my bestie... y-you won't g-get a-away with this..." the girl snarled weakly. Colia propped the girl in her seat. "How about a deal?" she said. Colia handed the girl a revolver. "If you survive that shot, I will heal you, and you can tell everyone about this organization. Deal?" "D-deal..." croaked the girl, spinning the barrel and putting the gun to her head. *BANG!!!* "Oops, was there supposed to be five empty spots and one bullet in chamber?" Colia giggled, looking down at the lifeless body. "Sorry, I thought the rules were ONE empty spot and five bullets. Oh well, might as well clean this up..." And so ended the, as Colia called it, Russian Roulette Massacre of that year. Five different games, with ten horrible people each, no survivors. Colia hummed to herself as she mopped up the sticky blood; she could hardly wait 2 years for the next Russian Roulette Massacre... all those demons in human bodies... back to their place in hell. All Colia needed to do now is scout out some new predators to become the prey. *DISCLAIMER: While Russian Roulette is real, there is no such thing as the Russian Roulette Massacre.*


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