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This is my life story. A story about how life can still be lived to the fullest in spite of all the challenges encountered. When I talk about challenges I mean unexpected afflictions and setbacks which brought about a near stagnancy situation. A situation where nothing seemed to work. But at the end of the day, with determination, focus and faith, my life has been restored to its original plan and design.
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Chapter 1 of 5 - Innocence

Long, long time ago, about a century ago, just like yesterday, I was a very brilliant little girl, full of life and hope. I was that innocent next door girl who always fantasized about almost everything. I could see something really nice in any and every situation. I never knew there was anything like evil or bad luck I never knew the World could be so wicked particularly to the kind hearted and unsuspecting. I never knew that trust was part of history and could no longer be found in the present. Worst of all, I never knew love and generosity could be used against the giver. When it came to friendships, I was a friend personified. I thought friendship was always true and honest. I thought friendship was sacrificial. I thought friendship was forever. So, I could do and give anything for my friends. I could go out of my way to make them happy and fulfilled. But little did I know that it could be a game of who gets what, when and from whom. Little did I know that it was a temporary game. Little did I know that it was a passing phase.


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