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This is my life story. A story about how life can still be lived to the fullest in spite of all the challenges encountered. When I talk about challenges I mean unexpected afflictions and setbacks which brought about a near stagnancy situation. A situation where nothing seemed to work. But at the end of the day, with determination, focus and faith, my life has been restored to its original plan and design.
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Chapter 4 of 5 - Renewed zeal

Just yesterday, I decided to give life a push afresh. I decided to STOP indulging the things and forces that kept me down. I decided to give my life a new meaning. It wasn't an easy decision to make, it was really tough. It was tough because I didn't even know where to start from considering that I had almost exhausted all avenues of help. I had exhausted my physical strength trying to work things out, by doing everything within my limits. My friends and social networks were not of any much help since everyone seemed to have moved on and may also have their own problems to deal with. At some point I resorted to seeking spiritual help which in itself opened doors of financial exploitation by some greedy elements who failed to be satisfied with just being willingly appreciated, but would rather one emptied ones purse for their personal aggrandizement. But thank God for HOPE. It came to my rescue when almost all the Chios were down. It rescued me from a state of uncertainty. It saved my life.


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