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This is my life story. A story about how life can still be lived to the fullest in spite of all the challenges encountered. When I talk about challenges I mean unexpected afflictions and setbacks which brought about a near stagnancy situation. A situation where nothing seemed to work. But at the end of the day, with determination, focus and faith, my life has been restored to its original plan and design.
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Chapter 3 of 5 - Life happened

Not too long, long time ago, although it seems like a lifetime, but it's really just yesterday, I was hit with the harsh realities of life. I was practically knocked off balance by the unexpected and unimaginable afflictions that were thrown my way. I experienced life like a warfare. Indeed, life became a warfare for me. I was no longer that happy go lucky beautiful young girl. I became a wrinkled old Lady sapped of life and my ability to be creative and inspiring. I lost my lifelong zeal to motivate others to becoming their best. I lost interest in a lot of things myself. I went into hiding. Honestly, I had to start hiding because I felt like I had failed. I felt I failed not just myself but everyone else. I could no longer stand my irrelevance. I could no longer bear my state of confusion and feeling of helplessness. I knew it was a very dangerous phase I had been forced into. I knew I had allowed myself to relapse too soon. I knew it was time to fight to win or at least die trying.


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