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This is my life story. A story about how life can still be lived to the fullest in spite of all the challenges encountered. When I talk about challenges I mean unexpected afflictions and setbacks which brought about a near stagnancy situation. A situation where nothing seemed to work. But at the end of the day, with determination, focus and faith, my life has been restored to its original plan and design.
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Chapter 2 of 5 - Dreams

Still long, long time ago, almost a century now, although it's just four decades away, this poor innocent girl had dreams. Very tall dreams that were so real and almost touchable. My very first dream was to become a reputable Lawyer. One that would stand up for the rights of others, particularly the helpless and the downtrodden. I saw myself adorned with the Wig standing right inside the dock, holding everyone spellbound with my well articulated presentations in favour of my clients. I never knew that dream will die a natural death after several foiled attempts at securing admission to study Law. I had another dream of becoming a World class motivational speaker who would mount and speak at Internationally organized programs. I never knew my speaking career would not exceed the walls of Local Colleges and Churches. I still hope to some day muster enough courage to continue where I stopped when the harsh realities of life struck. Meanwhile, my dream of publishing best sellers are yet to be achieved, even though I was slowed down and almost thrown off balance by afflictions. I believe there's still hope because I'm in the right direction.


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