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Rahul and Rini go to school

Two children named Rahul and Rini go to to school as their first day. The story revolves how they spend their first day and adjust to the class.
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Chapter 1 of 5 - Bright morn

Far, far away in the Indian subcontinent in the country of Nepal and on the bases of Shiwalik, there was a society, world famous Navarkrisna society . There lived two kids, Rini and Rohit with their parents and grandparents. They were very smart, brave and kind. One day, Rahul, their friend came to to their society. He told that his father has done rahul's admission in a very good school . He was very happy. After all talks and conversations, he went from there as he had to do his homework. Rini and Rohit asked their parents ,"What was sch...ol...? What is homework? What is Rahul talking about? Their parents replied," Dear Rohit , Dear Rini, school is the place where we go to study. We learn many things over there. Homework is the work given by teachers. It needs to be done in the home after revising the chapter taught by the teacher. "It seems interesting" - they replied. They wanted go to school. Their father had a a friend who was a principal in a very good High school. He called him.


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