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Puppy monster

A Japanese story about a boy named Alex and a girl named Emilly gets 100 monster coins to save the world, want to find out how read the story!
parts: 6

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Chapter 1 of 6 - Spaceship crash

Far, far away there lived an alien who went to Earth but before he landed he turned some monster materials to coins! The coins wasn't normal coins, if someone touches it they will have a unknown superpower! A guy named Alex who was very kind and could fight but didn't want to hurt anyone, got one of the coins. His superpower was very powerful, it was to turn to any stuffed animal! But he didn't like to show it to anyone, till one day a there was a fire and a girl named Emilly was in the fire! Alex knew he needed to help so he turned to a puppy monster and saved, but he forgot his phone! Emilly took a peek and grabbed Alex's phone! She saw Alex in his monster form and Emilly was a smart, intelligent and strong girl! So tomorrow at school, Emilly appeared in front of Alex and she grabbed Alex's phone and said “is this you phone?” Alex replied “give it to me”, “only if you show your monster form!” said Emilly. Alex snatched it of Emilly's hand and said “I got my powers from a coin and if you collect 100 of them, you make a wish and the wish is so powerful that it can destroy the universe!” “My older sister is the boss” replied Emilly!


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