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About a girl who feels like she has no control over her life, and she feels like everything she gets blamed for is because of her feelings. I tried to go for something numbly written, but still capturing some anger.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Puppet

My life is a board. My life is a schedule. My life is constantly controlled. My feelings are bad. My reactions are bad. Everyone's glad to boss me around. I don't feel sad. I don't feel angry. I don't feel anything anymore. Go do this, Go do that. You're not doing it right, Do it again. They will never be pleased with my performance, So I ignore it and burn up inside. Relentlessly following directions while breaking the rules, Constantly catching on fire and jumping back into the pool. Listening to dramatic shouts and mad exclamations, Thinking, Calm down. Everything's cool. But will you ever listen to the moody child starting puberty? No. It's not my fault, I promise! But you still won't listen to me. If every single action had consequences, It'd be hard thinking up punishments that much. But somehow you do it, Creating lots of that kind of stuff. Now let me tell you, Your efforts are amazingly Dumb. So keep on crazily chasing me, While I burn up in saltwater oceans, Cracking and creaking at the thought of your notions. If words and actions go hand-in-hand, Life would be much more bland. But then again, you're doing a great job at that. I'm not accusing you of anything but breaking me. You're doing a great job at that too. Everything's a constant cycle of anger for me and you, More like a whirlpool that I get sucked into.

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