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Addison Soul Stone is a 13 year old girl who's parents leave her at 10 to fend for herself. They tell her there is something special about her and her family and they want to protect her. She has lived alone in Xinad. Her kingdom. The Hothen Kingdom nearby has recently been attacking them with...Dark nights. Addison finds her secret and has to help. This is a little violent and has romance! ENJOY!!

Created by: ZoomGirl

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Chapter 1 of 2 - "Mama!!! Papa!!!"

It was the middle of the night. Addison was asleep in her bed dreaming about, well I wont give you her personal information! But, she was cozy when a big thud landed on her roof. She jumped up. She looked around her room. Nothing. She heard a crackling sound above her. She looked up. She sees a sword cut straight through her roof. "Mama!! Papa!!!" she cries. Her mother and father run in her room. "Darling!" cries her mother seeing the scene. The sword starts going around in a circle to cut a hole. "trust us Addison!" says her mother as she pushes her in the closet. "Mama! What are you doing!!!!" cries Addison. Addison peers through the crack in-between the doors. She starts whimpering. "You must stay quite!" warned her father. Addison nodded though they couldn't dee her. "you are special, Addison! Just trust you soul!!!!!" The sword got all the way around and The roof falls. Addison turns her eyes and sees her mother and father smile at her and disappear leaving a puff of smoke behind. A dark figure jumps from the roof. They look around and Addison's stomach turns. It was one of the infamous Dark Nights. Then another one. She takes a deep breath and stands in the closet. Crying silently...


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