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Only one Life to Live

This is a story about a girl named Riana. Her mother died when she was a baby, and she has to help her father and find out who killed her mom...
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Chapter 1 of 8 - The Sad Beginning

Our story begins in the time of 1892. It was one warm summer night; two young newlyweds were out at their local café. It had been just two weeks since they had their first baby, a girl. They sat at their table waiting for their dinner, then their food came, and the wife reached for her purse from under the table. When she came back up her face was wrinkled in a mixture of confusion and surprise. “What is it, honey?” asked her husband.” I seemed to have left my purse in the car”. She said as she rose from her seat, “I'll run and get it.” She said handing him the baby girl. He watched her run out the door, then looked down to see his little baby daughter fast asleep. He simply smiled at her with all the joy in the world. About half an hour had passed since his wife left. And his daughter just had woken up and, the waiter came over and said, “Are you ready to pay?”. “I'm so sorry my wife has not returned I will go help her “he jumped up and headed for the door to help his wife. He came out and looked around “Charlotte, are you here?” he got no response. “Charlotte?” where could she be, he thought to himself. He decided to look all around but everywhere he went there was no charlotte anywhere. He turned the corner to find only the worst thing to ever be seen. There in the ally lay his dear sweet wife dead.


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