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Only one Life to Live

This is a story about a girl named Riana. Her mother died when she was a baby, and she has to help her father and find out who killed her mom...

Created by: ZoomGirl

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Chapter 2 of 2 - Fighting through the struggles

In her hand there was a necklace in fact it was her necklace and in the same hand a piece of paper. He knelt beside his wife holding on to his baby daughter very tightly, as if to protect her from the worst. And grabbed the note and necklace from her hand and opened the crumbled up note it read, “My darling, As you can see, I am no longer with you I love you very much… as he continued reading the note his eyes started watering up. The note ended with…” the necklace is for dearest Riana, for her to remember me tell her the story of our family… the story of us. Your loving wife, Charlotte.” He leaned forward to kiss his wife on the forehead one last time. Then he rushed into the café to explain everything. Years passed and, Riana was now 18 years old and she needed to start working to help her father who was getting very tired from working from five a.m to 10 p.m. They still did not find out how his wife died and for the time being they stopped their search. Riana was a Christian and so was her father they spent the late nights reading their bibles and praying together. One day she went to finally find a job, she came to a big piece of paper on a big stone building that had in bold words, LOOKING FOR TALENTED PEOPLE! Riana decide to walk in and try out even though she had no idea what she was trying out for. When she came in there was a man in a suit siting at a table with papers all over. He was probably as old as her father and he only had a few wrinkles. His hair was dark and silky but curly. In front of the desk was another chair the man motioned toward it. Riana sat down in the seat. The man stared at her, wrote something down on a paper and then looked at her and said, “What is your name” she answered “Riana Raldon.” “How old are you?” he asked “18 years old” “Follow me” he said. He led her to a ring like a circus. “Is this a circus?” she asked. “No, it used to be but, I bought it for a different purpose for pleasant, nice, amazing entertainment not that crazy kind that the circus does.” He said rolling his eyes as he mentioned the circus. Suddenly a hoop dropped down a couple feet in front of them. “Trapeze!” she shouted, “you've done it before?” he asked. “Oh, no but I've always wanted to.” She replied happily “And I'm a fast learner” “Oh, well good, now come on but, it's also dancing so come on Tuesday and you may start practice.” Riana looked at him confused “you mean I get the job? “I will do it, I love dancing and all but, I haven't even tried out” “yes, you're perfect and we need someone so we can start practice.” He responded. “thank you so much” Riana said. She rushed home to tell her father he was sitting in the chair he always sat in. She came in out of breath. “Are you alright darling?” he asked “Yes, I got a job though I start on Tuesday!” she said anxiously. He smiled at her lovingly. “Thank you, my love.”

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