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After Olivia (from Confidence) graduated, she began writing, these few chapters will be parts of her stories and poems.
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Chapter 1 of 4 - The End

Giver of life, What have we done wrong. You curse us with pain, You curse us with loneliness. Giver of life, Can you please change. We are tired of sorrow, We are tired with death. Giver of life, Is this how it ends. We want it to be over, We want it to change. Giver of life, If this is the end, Finish me off now, Send me to my death. Giver of life, Kill me, I want to die, I can't live anymore. Giver of life, This is my end, Let me fall, Let me fall to my death. Giver of life, How could you keep me here. I'm sick of everyone's happiness, Everyone's but mine. Giver of life, Forgive me, for I have a life to live. I can laugh and love, When my friends and family are near. By Olivia


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