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Odd Future

Millions of years in the future, humanity seeks out a new home. When they get there, many people develop strange mutations.
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Chapter 1 of 11 - Kasu: Origin

Millions of years into the future humanity seeks out a new home. When they find a planet that is able to sustain life, they land. As the years went by, people started to develop strange mutations which, allowed them to do incredible things. This story follows our protagonist high school student Kasu. When Kasu was born his Mutation: Genetic Manipulation allowed him to to change the genetic code of any living thing he touched. When his parents finally made physical contact with him his Mutation suddenly activated and caused his parents hearts to become so large that they couldn't function well and minutes later they died. Kasu had to stay in the hospital until they could find him a home. When he turned 5 an elderly couple adopted him and they had to find some one who could train him to be able to control his Mutation. When they found the right trainer Kasu would go train after school until it was dinner time. He had to learn how to activate his Mutation at will and stamina training since his Mutation quickly drained his stamina. He had a very rough life. At school he was avoided and all the other kids called him a murderer. Many kids picked on Kasu since he never fought back. One day he was picked on again and kasu had just about had it. He activated his Mutation and made his muscles stronger. He then violently attacked paralyzing one kid and sending many to the hospital. Kasu's parents got in huge trouble with the parents of the injured students and soon enough, Kasu was sent to solitary confinement to help calm him down. Where he stayed he was sent to a therapist that would help with his anger issues. And finally after 11 years in solitary confinement he was released. And went back to his family. Once he was there his parents were very happy to see him and glad he had calmed down though every once in a while he would lash out violently at people that angered him so many people began avoiding him. Then, one year later his parents died and the ripe old age of 100. After this Kasu lived alone and eventually became fond of animals and cooking. And this leads us to the present.(To Be Continued)


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