Not Your Typical Nerds

Allister and Maya Springs are often bullied for being quiet, shy-yet-always-happy bookworms. What the bullies don't know is that these mysterious twins are not your typical nerds...
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Chapter 1 of 6 - Maya's Breaking Point

Maya ticked off another day on the calendar next to her bed, glowing with excitement. In five days it would be her and her brother's 16th birthday. In their kingdom, when a prince or princess turned 16, they could begin looking for a partner to rule the kingdom with them. Maya and Allister were going to be the first twin rulers for their kingdom, so they would be sharing duties and obligations. Even so, they were still encouraged to find a partner, and Maya had her eyes on one boy for a long time. Secretly, she had a crush on Drake. He was handsome and sweet, she loved how his somewhat emo personality was so unique, and thought of him as her king. Only Allister knew about her feelings, and he assured her that he approved of his sister's choice in love. All that was left for Maya to do was to host a big party, tell Drake her feelings, pray that he'll accept, then introduce him to her parents a week later! Of course, someone's gotta mess it up for her. "Are you ready to hand out the invites?" Allister asked Maya. "Yup!" she replied with excitement. It was Wednesday, after class, and all the twins' friends were hanging around the area in front of the school. Twenty-six invites to their friends, classmates, and Cheryl and David. Yes, Maya insisted on inviting them in hopes of changing their bullying ways. As the two went around the courts and benches, handing out invites to a huge party on a nearby beach, the letters narrowed down to the ones for Serene, Drake, Cheryl, and David. Maya began to get antsy after looking for them outside. "Hey, sis, calm down," said Allister as he hugged his sister. "Maybe their inside. The building hasn't closed down just yet," Maya said with hope in her voice. Her parents wanted all letters delivered that day. As the walked inside, there was a sudden yell of fury from the left corridor. "That sounded like Serene..." Maya concluded. "Is she fighting in here?" Allister asked. They stared at each other in confusion; Serene usually fought against homophobes in an abandoned parking lot, but never in school. They ran down the corridor, with Allister in the lead. As he turned a corner about ten seconds before Maya did, he stopped. His eyes widened to the size of saucers as he stood there, frozen. That only made Maya run faster. "Wait! Maya, don't-" he shouted. It was too late. The letters dropped from Maya's hand as she stared in disbelief and horror; Serene was pinned to the wall by David, who was shockingly strong. And right in the middle of the hallway... Cheryl on her toes... kissing a furious-looking Drake. Maya didn't see the shock in Drake's face; she just saw the love of her life kissing the last person she'd expect. Tears flooded her eyes as she struggled to smile and muster shaky words. "C-congrats! I d-didn't know you w-were d-d-dating," Maya said, one inch away from overwhelming heartbreak. Drake shoved Cheryl away and stared at Maya, shocked at how hurt she looked. "Maya-" he started. The smile on Maya's face quivered as she used all her strength to keep a positive attitude. "A-anyway... here!" She grasped the invites on the ground. She shoved an invite into David and Serene's hands after pulling them apart, and basically dropped the other two on the ground next to Cheryl and Drake before running away and bursting into tears as soon as she was out of earshot.


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