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Not Your Typical Nerds- Book 2

Stormy Springs has everything she could ever wish for: She's a princess and heir to the throne of Sarosia, she has an amazing royal family, and so much more! Suddenly, she witnesses her sweet, lesbian, older sister, Sakura being kidnapped by the yandere and spoiled prince of Winteria, and with the help of her childhood sweetheart, Adrian, sets off to save her sister from the clutches of Prince Victor. *If you had not read the first book, I suggest you do so.*
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Chapter 1 of 7 - Stormy's Lovely Life

"Stormy, are you almost done?" Sakura Springs called, smoothing down her golden and brown school uniform over her pale skin. Her wavy, black hair (courtesy of her dad) matched her milky brown eyes (like her mom), with a royal headband and brown glasses as the finishing touches. The door labeled "Stormy's Room" suddenly opened, with a short, exotic-skinned (similar to her mother) girl with black hair (Again, from her father), dressed in a hot pink shirt with matching legwear, a lighter pink suspender skirt, and a golden tiara standing in the doorway. "Good morning, sis! Do you have school today?" Stormy asked. Her sister nodded as they started down the royal hallway. Stormy fake-fumed. "You're only 8 years old, and both you AND Avi get to go to school! I'm already 4! Why can't I go with you and Avi?" she whined. Sakura laughed and twirled elegantly through the hallway. "First on all, you can go to school when you're five. Aviator is 10, and I'm 8. Second of all, trust me, school is HARD." "Hey, you don't get to say that school's hard! You get straight A's, I've seen your report cards!" Stormy shot back as she and her sister approached the large doors to the front yard. Now, you may be wondering, "Who are these adorable girls?" Well, that was Stormy and Sakura Springs, princesses of the modern, beachy kingdom known as Sarosia. Their dad is Drake Springs, the top general of the Sarosian army, and their mom is none other than Maya Springs, queen of Sarosia and one of the twin rulers of the kingdom. Her older twin brother, Allister Springs, is the king of Sarosia, and his wife, Lizzy, is responsible for all the technology in the kingdom. Their only son, Aviator, is Stormy and Sakura's older cousin and close friend. Next is Serene and Heather White. Neither of them are related to the royal Spring family, but they're still just as close. Serene is the twins' special friend, and Maya's right-hand girl, along with a skilled fighter and Sarosian enforcer. Her wife (yes, her wife), Heather, is simply a teacher at Sakura and Aviator's school. But the real highlight of their family is their 5 year old son, Adrian. When Adrian met Stormy as toddlers, they immediately hit it off, and to this day, Adrian is 100% absolutely POSITIVE that Stormy is his soulmate, and often flirts with her, despite their mothers' words. However, this isn't about Stormy and Adrian's love life, this is about the worst kidnapping in all of Sarosian history, and how Stormy set out to save her sister...


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