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A group of five 10th graders share a secret about each other a secret that they are all mythical creature. The adventure start when Eliana finds out that her friends are mythical creatures. The MCP is looking for all mythical creatures to kill them, causing the group of friends to runaway.
parts: 4

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Chapter 1 of 4 - A slice of dragon life

Zander walked from his bus stop home, his house was all white with a black door, he walk up the white steps. He removed the key from his bag and put it in the lock. The door opened it was quite because his parents were still at work and his little sister Penelope was at day care. He walked in and tossed his bag on the counter. Then he dragged himself to his room he removed his thick gray hoodie and then his black long sleeve shirt to expose his meter long white scale covers wigs. He flipped on his bed an picked up the headphones beside him and listened to a song that he knew by heart. The truth was Zander loved being a dragon but he hated the stupid magic gray hoodie that could conceal his big wings . He was able to fly but he didn't much because he had no room. And all his friends except Eliana knew his secret. So did his parents and sister because they were all dragons but Penelope doesn't have her wigs yet. The front door opened and the rest of Zanders family waltzed in. Zander quickly put his shirt and hoodie back on because his dad didn't like when he had his wings out. His dad bursted through the door of his room “hey dad” Zander said slightly annoyed that his father never noocked. “do your homework” his dad said coldly “ but dad, I'm done my homework” Zander almost whispered his father towered over him and slapped him hard on the cheek leaving a red make then he left Zander's room. Zander weeped it wasn't the first time his dad hurt him he had bruises on his legs from his dad hitting him with a belt and his mom was just as bad he assumed that it was because they were dragons but he didn't always believe that. Sometimes he thought that he was doing something wrong and that it was his fault that he got whipped and spanked and slapped. Zander cried for a little and then fell asleep hoping that tomorrow will be different. He woke up the next morning to his mother yelling at him “get up you ass “ she yelled “ your going to miss the bus get off your ass”.” come down I'm coming just slow down” he shouted. Quickly got dressed putting on a long sleeve shirt and his magical grey hoodie then quickly grabbed a granola bar and ran out the door to catch his bus. Zander caught the bus by the skin of his teeth with only a couple seconds to spare he hopped on the bus and sat on one of the seats. On the long bus ride to school he thought and questioned what had happened with Cole yesterday in the cafeteria. He assumed that cool was going to tell Eliana what he was he probably tell her that we were all not human. He arrived at the school and bumped into Cole in the hall “wait” Zander exclaimed “so did you tell Elle set yer you know what and that were you know not real” “ yah” Cole said “and meet me at my house tonight with the others so we can show her you know what. “guess what” Cole added “I think she's dating my brother”. “what “ Zander questioned “yah” Cole said enthusiastically “ I saw them kissing when she came to my house and when I told her to stop flirting with my brother she got all defensive and annoyed”. “holy shit dude” Zander added “that's messed up.” Let's get to class” Cole interrupted.


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