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Nobody Leaves Until...

Trapped in a room, at school. People staet to disappear. What will happen next?... But seriously, I have no idea.
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'Nobody leaves until…' is what the speakers boomed over the shouts and screams. Everyone was in this manic panic, kind of freaking me out, but I think I stayed pretty calm. (Yeah, I'm great.) It was crazy. At the time I thought the speaker dude didn't finish what he was saying for effect, but when people started to disappear I realised he was probably meant to finish what he was saying, guess I'll never know what he wanted. Oh well. You're probably wondering how I got out, so I'll tell you but no details. Ok, good, let's get started. Wait, now I think about it, this experience is probably too freaky for you to hear. I should probably just tell you a story about rainbows and unicorns… but if you insist, fine I'll tell you the amazing real story, from the very beginning, it all started long long ago on one summer's evening... Actually, it was more like 1 year ago and a bunch of people-incuding me-where called into school for something. Anyway that happens blah blah blah then u escape. Wait, do you really want to know the truth... yeh? Fine i'll tell you but if you don't like it, it's your fault. K? Great... So, A long, long year ago...

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