The world is in chaos. After a mild virus went around, strange things begin to happen. Every night, infected people transform into deadly creatures called Changers. Alessa, a new 16 year old mom, must fight to survive with her newborn son as the apocalypse unfolds around her.
parts: 3

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Chapter 1 of 3 - They Are Coming

I sit quietly in the hospital bed, my holding my child. I stroke Jax's fuzzy brown hair, staring at his peaceful face. My fiery red hair is in a frizzy tangle around my head. My freckled skin is sweaty. I probably look like a monster, but I don't care. All I care about is Jax. "I will care for you, despite what everyone thinks. No matter what." I whisper. He stirs quietly, but doesn't wake. I know my desicion will upset my foster parents even more. Add to their idea that I'm a bad girl. Maybe I am. My own parents abandoned me when I was little. I grew up in the foster system. Moving from family to family, I didn't have many close relationships. In school, I was always the weird one, the outcast of the classroom. I moved to the Becker Household when I was 12. The Beckers...well, they aren't the most flexible people. They want everything their way, every child a perfect, well-behaved little prince or princess. The other kids I arrived with were scared into acting just as the Beckers wanted. But not me. I just never complied with their silly rules. So they've always kind of hated me. So having no one, when high school came, I looked for love in the arms of the wrong person. In the arms of Zayden Hendrick. He started off as just a tall kid with shaggy black hair and a carefree personality. We dated for 3 years. But when I told him I was pregnant, he was terrified at the thought of responsibility. He left me, and I was heartbroken. When I told my family I was pregnant, that's when they shut down. They avoided speaking to me, whispered passive aggressive insults and ignored me. Now, Jax is all I have. I thought of all the years ahead, seeing him grow. I just wish the world would calm down, so my son could have a peaceful place to live. That will never happen, though. Crazy things have been happening lately. This weird virus has been going around, the Didephis Virus. It's all over them news. It came from opossums, and unusual things have been happening to the infected. They...change. Every night. This is gonna sound insane, but they actually transform, mutate, evolve, into these creatures. Giant, vicious possum-like things. Like the virus infused possum DNA into people. They call them Changers, and they actually kill people working at the hospital. Doctors have been struggling to keep them under control. They only come out at night, and retreat when the morning comes. Luckily, the outbreak is like, two states away. I look out the window and see that night is falling over the city. I hold Jax close and settle in for a nap. I was just drifting off, when a nurse bursts into the hospital room. She looks flustered and scared. Then she utters 3 words that flood my mind with fear and confusion. "They are coming."


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