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Never Run

My heart thudded against my chest, sweat poured down, mixing with the rain - and blood. My hand still clutched the knife. Tears started down now. What have I done? - Luna is a young orphan, looking for her beloved sister, now sent to a new dimension recently discovered. If you run, you die.
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Chapter 1 of 2 - Punishment

I thought that if he were no longer in my life, everything would be fine. But it isn't. Large, burly policemen grab me by the arms and drag me across the concrete road. Loose stones snag at my clothes, tearing them apart. Everything is a blur. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. I was to kill him then run. Why didn't I run? “ You young lady, know what's gonna happen now, don't you” one of the policemen say with a smirk. It was almost like they actually love the punishment! “Now, scurry home, get your weapons and clothes and come out - without a fuss. If you try to run, we will catch you.”His teeth shone white in the dim light of the street lamp. I nod meekly and scamper home. I'm the only person living in this house, my mother and father are dead, and my sister… You did not go there in vain - I have finished the task you began sis. After hurrying to my room I stop, jump over the hidden trap at the door, leap over the second trap, and crawl underneath the last trap to get to my wardrobe in which my bow and arrows lay against my shining, azure and ivory armor. My dog, Wolf, sits at me and stares with his inquisitive eyes whilst I go about readying myself for the torture that was about to come. We are allowed to bring pets aren't we? Cause Wolf is my weapon as much as my bows and arrows are. I stroke his soft, grey hair and tears well into my eyes. I found Wolf in the streets the day I ran out into the streets after my sister was taken away. He was just a young then, only three years old, the same age as me. It's been 10 years now, and he's now an old dog, yet you wouldn't notice it if you looked at him; his black, beady, bright eyes still shine with youth. I shake my head to clear it. I'm taking him no matter what. They may try to stop me, but one thing I know, if I put my mind to it, no-one can stop me!


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