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My Time At Camp Silver Beach

Every summer, my mom makes my brother and I go to a YMCA camp on the Eastern Shore called Camp Silver Beach. Its fun, crazy, and overall spectacular, so lemme tell you about the time I went during 2019...
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Chapter 1 of 7 - The Day We Arrive

We've been going to Camp Silver Beach for about... 4 years now. Every year, my mom signs up as a volunteer nurse, and my brother and I get to go to camp for free! We sleep in rustic cabins, play on the beach, and they have a gigantic swing that I once almost fainted on! But, it's still amazing. Our dad usually doesn't come along because he has to do work, but he and mom chip in to bring boxes of chips or mint Oreos to us every time! Since my mom is on med staff, we usually arrive a day early for her to get everything situated. They have a section of cabins that are usually for the med staff, and they are a bit more modern than the ones for the campers. When we arrived and dropped everything off, my mom wanted to talk with a friend of hers, Marge. Marge and my mom met during the 1st or 2nd year of CSB. While they were talking, my mom asked us to decorate the car to show off our House spirit. There are 4 houses in CSB, and its sort of Harry-Potter style. They are: Blue Crab, Pine, Osprey, and Firefly. My family is property of team Firefly, which I really love because nothing's like hanging out on the beach on a starry night with fireflies illuminating the exotic plants around you! So, we finished decorating Mom's car with window markers, then played with Marge's grandkids (I think), and ended the day by watching a talent show on TV! It was really cool, as well.


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