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My strange dream

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Chapter 1 - Abigail and Aurora upset

“Scarlett! Aurora, Abigail! Wait for me!” Nova shouted, running towards her friends. “Come on, Nova! Scarlett said she saw something fishy going on,” Aurora called over her shoulder. But Abigail stopped dead and looked back at Aurora. “Aurora,” she murmured, “you told me Scarlett found someone actually acting fishy. Look. You told Nova that and tricked me! You, you, you like Nova more than me!” And then Abigail burst into tears and ran away into the park. “Aurora, Abigail, Nova come on! Wait, where's Abigail?” Scarlett suddenly asked. “Ran away,” Nova replied, “had a fight with Aurora.” Scarlett looked from Nova to Aurora, looking suspicious. “Aura. I knew it, come on, Nova, let's find Abigail. Nova looked back at Aurora when Scarlett pulled her away. Aurora looked upset. Nova was sure she'd also burst into tears once they'd gone. “Scarlett,” she whispered, “why does Aurora like me more than Abigail?” Scarlett looked at Nova, eyes sparkling. “I'll tell you the story later,” she mumbled under her breath.

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