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My mother had died when I was a young girl or at least that was what I had been told my entire life. I am a 15 years old girl whose life turned upside down when she was a princess as her mother was the heir to the throne in England.
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Chapter 1 of 5 - My mother

I had lived the life of a normal girl. Until I overheard a girl talking to her friends about the queen to be was a 15 year old girl. Then they mentioned her mother was the queen. She was flabbergasted and didn't know what to do. She stood there frozen not knowing what to do. She finally decided to go home and dragged herself out of the bathroom. “Dad give me an explanation right now!” I shouted my body taken over by anger,pain and astonishment. Her dad was taken aback. Although his eyes showed anger in them, he asked her what she meant as calmly as he could. “DAD!!! Answer me and tell me that I was wrong and the rumours I heard are not true!”Again he asked her what she meant . She almost bursted in anger but stopped herself. She calmy began her story from the part about the queen to be till of her mother. Her dad's face went pale. It was as if his joy was sucked out of his life. I glared at him. He was actually speechless for once. I slammed the door and went out but not before I heard him whisper “Im sorry." That was the final straw. I fumed .


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