Genre: fantasy    Tags: #eyes #colors #rainbow #girl

My Rainbow Eyes

Sam is a girl who has Rainbow Eye syndrome and it really effects her daily lifestyle. With vision problems to a secret identity she has so hard Decisions to make.

Created by: Quizpuppy

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Chapter 1 of 3 - Rainbow eyes

I was born with a rare condition a condition called Rainbow eyetis (well thats just what my dad calls it). My condition turns my eyes rainbow. It looks like an ombré from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. And you might be wondering of I have horrible eye problems or are even blind, and yes I have horrible eye problems but we are going to the eye doctor to get me a prescription. When I was born I had Pure red eyes but soon the Orange part started coming then the yellow and so on. The part that took the longest to come in was blue that to about 3 weeks of age. Then my ombré eyes were there. Ever since my eyes were rainbow, doctors from all over tryed to get test from my eyes wondering how they got that way. But we would always refuse them even if they offered us money to the test we would say no. And if they would not leave I would flop my wavy blond hair behind my back and lock they door. “Sam” my mom called and I got up and quickly ran down the stairs. “Honey, We know you don't like test but me and your dad decided we really need to know why your eyes are rainbow”. That made me angry I screamed at them and started yelling about they should not get to choose which way i'm gonna live my life. My mom didn't yell back she just sat me down on are couch. Sam you might go blind soon we don't want you to lose your eyesight. It will be the only test we take. Even if they say we have to do 1 million test afterwards we won't because thats not fair to you.


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