Genre: fantasy    Tags: #eyes #colors #rainbow #girl

My Rainbow Eyes

Sam is a girl who has Rainbow Eye syndrome and it really effects her daily lifestyle. With vision problems to a secret identity she has so hard Decisions to make.

Created by: Quizpuppy

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Chapter 2 of 3 - 5 hour car ride

I was half asleep on the ride to the eye doctor. Then my dad got a call and the ringing woke me up. I couldn't here who was talking but my dad was angry. “I'm not doing that” he shouted into the phone. And hung up. Then he started whispering angrily to my mom. Then my mom was angry. I wanted to say something to them. But they were not in the mood to talk. So I closed my eyes as some classical music started. All I could think about was how different I was. Normally I only talked to people on the internet so they wouldn't stare at me or talk about my eyes. One time I met a girl named Snow. She said she was born on a snow day which didn't usually happen where she lived. She sent me a picture of her and she had the most beautiful eyes. I asked her what color her eyes were not knowing if they were a greenish or blueish color. She said they were mint colored. Then she asked me what my eye color was. I didn't know what to say. If I say they were rainbow she wouldn't believe me, also The whole reason I talked with people online was so they didn't know about my eyes. But I also didn't want to lie becasue we were actually talking for about 3 weeks. I said they were Blue. Which wasn't 100% a lie. Then she got all exited and told me to send me a picture. It is easy to lie to someone on the internet, but it is hard to lie to a friend. But I couldn't reveal my secret so I said my camera was broken. Then she sent a sad emoji. Then my moms voice snapped me back to Reality. UGH STUIPED CARS! My dad asked if she needed a nap and we pulled over so they could switch seats. We only had 15 miles left in our car so we went to get gas. Then the Classical music came back on and I fell asleep


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