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My life during covid-19!

Hi! I'm Isla I'm ten years old and this is a true story about my life! Read on to find out more about my life.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Having an autistic brother!

Jack my older brother has autism and he is a pain the BUT at times but I still love him. Ugh! This morning Jack woke me up and its the weekend (which means lie ins for me!) Sometimes I wish I could just kick his but right out the door! Later on in the day me and my BEST friend Darcy did a phone call sleepover we watched Secret life of pets 2 while Jack and my little brother Eric and my parents watched a film down stairs. Then, as soon as their film finished Jack was upstairs annoying me. A little while later mine and Darcy's film finished then we went to sleep. The next day I woke it is Sunday and it is also Father's day we gave my dad, John, his presents then we go down to the park a little while later and do some races and as soon as we come home Jack is mean to me again. We have dinner and I forgave Jack just like everyday! Then we have a nice, yummy pudding to finish the day!

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