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Mochi And The Drake

Mochi Ai is the sweetest, cutest, most kawaii person you could ever know. Returning to her stepmom and dad back in USA from the Harajuku district of Japan, she meets the alpha of her new school, a wolf-and-dragon hybrid named Drake. Poetic, huh? As the two get to know each other, however, Drake realizes Mochi has some nasty skeletons in the closet. What is she? Who is she?
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Chapter 1 of 14 - To USA!!!

Gwen and Shiro waited anxiously outside the airplane gates. They were waiting for someone very special to them... someone who was coming through the gates right now. A small, petite girl, with straight, black hair, black eyes, a wolf tail and pale skin walked through and looked around curiously. Her black-and-white horizontal oversized-sweater and thigh-high socks oddly matched with her pink-suspender skirt, and a very adorable hat on her head seemed to twitch as the girl searched her surroundings. Finally, the female caught glimpse of her black-haired father and red-head step mom, full of smiles. "Dad!!! Gwen!!!" the girl squealed, rushing to see her parents. They all came together for a huge bear hug. "Hi, Mochi! How are you? How was Japan?" Gwen said. "I'm doing awesome!!! Japan was wonderful!!!" Mochi exclaimed. Her father laughed and patted his daughter on the head. "Why not we talk about it back at the house?" he suggested. Mochi put a kawaii look on her face and bobbed with excitement. Outside the airport, everything looked foreign to Mochi. She had lived 5 years of her 14 year-old life in Japan, so she almost forgot what USA was like. Ads for burger joints, sports outfits, and politics riddled the buildings of New York City, and as Mochi put it, "It's like Tokyo, but like... a different variation of it!" Finally, the three arrived back at home. "Oooh, did you guys move?! This house is so 'Sugoi'!!!" Mochi squealed. "Sugoi" is Japanese for "Amazing", so Mochi was just saying that she loved her dad and stepmom's new house. "Yep! Your room is upstairs, and you have the whole attic to yourself!" Gwen exclaimed, watching her stepdaughter race upstairs. Mochi's room was like a dream come true: White walls, pink carpet, and so much anime all over the place, it felt like home. "What would you like for dinner tonight, sweetie?" Shiro asked his daughter as she flipped through racks of manga and Pokemon. "Uhhhh... Burgers, please!" Mochi exclaimed. Her dad chuckled; it warmed his heart to see his daughter so interested in the American culture, and she had gained integrity from her mom back in Japan. That night, the three went out to Skyrocket Burgers & Dining, a long-time favorite of all of them. While eating, Mochi talked about her life at the school in Japan. "They were really strict on manners, which I didn't like very much. No one bullied anyone like back in my old elementary school, though!" she said. Finally, as the meal came to a close, Shiro told his daughter that he had a surprise for her. "Ooooh, what is it, what is it, what is it!!??" Mochi squealed. "Mochi..." "You're gonna go to a public school."


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