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Chapter 2 - 1 year earlier

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“Brooklyn! Are you all packed up yet?!” “Yes, mom, almost!” “Did you pack sunscreen?” “YES!” Brooklyn continued shoving random things into her navy blue suitcase. She was about to go to Hawaii and hike on a volcano at Hawaii National Park for a birthday present. “Honey, we're going to be late if you don't finish in the next five minutes!” Brooklyn groaned, put her hair in a messy bun, and shoved on her red glasses. She ran down the stairs to greet her parents who were waiting by the car. “Mom, dad, can you get me an encyclopedia some time?” “How about a pocket dictionary? The only type of encyclopedias I can find are hardcovers and they cost a crazy amount of money!” Suggested Brooklyn's dad. “Deal.” Once they were at the airport, Brooklyn was already eating her chocolate croissant and reading her manticore book (for the seventh time). The rest of the flight went by in a blur, and soon Brooklyn was getting on her old hiking shoes and green rucksack to go to Hawaii National Park. Everything was beautiful. First of all, it was perfectly warm for Brooklyn, who was wearing shorts and a tank top. And driving on the street, she was surrounded by endless green and villages. Brooklyn and her parents arrived at the volcano site ten minutes later. First, Brooklyn wanted to hike on the lava. So they checked in and watched some safety videos. Brooklyn's surroundings looked beautiful almost: a fresh layer of black igneous rock with red-hot lava oozing through the cracks. Luckily Brooklyn's shoe soles were super thick so nothing was very hot to step on (not including lava, of course). It was fun to be so up close to the glowing lava, something highly symbolic of manticores, in Brooklyn's opinion. While walking around and admiring the lava, Brooklyn noticed an ovoid of glassy grey obsidian. It was stuck in a crack in the crust layer of the lava. Brooklyn walked toward it and saw that it was about the size of an ostrich egg, maybe even bigger. She picked the ovoid up. It was slightly warm, but very smooth. In the center was a small sphere of blackness, and two sparks that glowed a bright orange. Brooklyn cradled the egg like thing in her arms, thinking, manticore egg. She then slipped the manticore egg into her rucksack and rejoined her parents on the lava walk, daydreaming about it if really was a manticore egg, and how she'd hatch it one day.


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