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Magical Darkness of the World

The world is full of magical things, extraordinary things. But, things are not always good things. Soon enough the world ends in a magical disaster.......
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Chapter 1 of 2 - History and information

Well, you've seen the title, this story is all about magic. This story is full of magic. This is all about magic, magic in another world, all about magic and it's unstoppable power. Magic is known for its nearly unstoppable power, it can be great use sometimes, but once evil enemies get control, things can get a bit messy. But how did magic really start? What happened? How come human beings never got exposed to it? The answer lays in its history the true history of magical activity. When you look deeper things can be quite fascinating. So, let's take a peek into history. Get comfy while we dig deeper in the past……. Firstly, let's look at how earth formed: The Big Bang. Well, firstly the Big Bang, was a bang out of nowhere, it was seemingly the first sparks of magic. When the Big Bang happened, it formed two planets Earth and Aretha. The planet Aretha was blasted far, far away into another universe, leaving Earth behind. Well, that was how the two planets were formed. What happened after that? How did the Aretha become what it is now? How come humans didn't get exposed to magic? Before I answer all of Earth's questions let's look at Aretha. Next, let's look at what happened to Aretha after that. After Aretha found magic, they started searching for more magic, they knew there were different types of magic. After their search they found various types of magic, soon Aretha people became greedy, they used magic in all sorts of ways. Soon, Daemon the guardian of magic noticed their greediness, and begun giving warnings and threats, but the Arethans ignored them. Arethans was greedy and selfish, they ignored every threat and warning, Daemon was now furious, he decided Arethans didn't deserve magic anymore, he then found out human-beings on Earth didn't have magic. What happened next? I'm sure you can guess, Daemon cast the Arethans to Earth. Daemon wasn't going to leave Aretha deserted. Well, what did he do? I'm sure you can guess. Replace Arethans with people who would use magic appropriately. Daemon decided to replace them with proper magic user, magical creatures: angels, centaurs, ghosts, nightblasters, darkflesters, and many, many more. Soon, Aretha was filled with magical creatures. Well, that's Aretha, now let's dig in deeper about Earth. Earth, was, well, kinda falling behind, on living creatures that actually is smart enough to SEEK for what they want. But even when Homo the first ever human was there, it didn't work out too well, Homo probably wasn't the smartest person ever soooooooooo……you get the point. Humans took WAY too long to evolve so naturally; magic would've died out by then or at least kind of died out. So, yeah. That's Earth basically, but there more to Aretha let's take a look at what happened next…… When it comes to magic things can get interesting, when you think about it there's a lot of gaps to fill in, question like; What happened to the proper magic users that Daemon replaced Arethans with? Did they become greedy just like the Arethans? Did they die out? Was there villains who tried to take over Aretha? One question leads another, many people are wondering the exact same thing: Just what happened to the replacement of the Arethans? Well, things got, pretty interesting after that, Aretha, well, let's not jump to conclusions that quickly things are complicated. Firstly, let's look at what happened to the replacements. First of all, who were the replacements? Like I said before Daemon replace Arethans with magical creatures, or at least advanced magical creatures, in fact that very true, maybe too true. The were, well, more human like, unlike humans, they were more unsinful, make sense? No? Well, sinful means evil and selfish but unlike sinful, unsinful is not really a word. So, yeah, unsinful is basically the opposite of sinful, the only reason the magical uncreatures were unsinful was because being sinful doesn't exist. Yeah, I know what a waste of time, blah, blah, blah. Now, let's focus on why they weren't really creatures, properly this time I promise. Now, what makes them non-creatures? Well, here's a buncha reasons why: Then have bigger brains than what you can call a creature, they think for themselves, might be a reason might not, um…I don't know they are just not what you call creatures. Well, I guess, you're just wondering what now? Now let's talk about who they are. Well, there's 4 elements; fire, water, air. There's different types of magic, that's sorted into neat groups by Daemon, but we can't have magic without magic users, so each element has a sept named after it. Magic users sorted with the element water are named Seaforders, magic users sorted with the element earth are called Greensboroughans, magic users within the element fire are named Veminouners, and finally magic users within the element air are named Grandaners. But, that's not all, there one more sept we haven't mentioned, that is…….drumroll please……….the Darkflesters!!!!!!! They are the most powerful sept ever known. Yes, I know the name Darkflester sounds a little bit……evil, but amazing they are not evil!!!!!!!!! So, we're done with all the info about septs. Oh wait, I just remembered! Magic users are not just spilt up into septs they are also split into categories, they are spilt into: Royal, Toppers, or classic. If you are in the category Royal you are the top dog! You rule the sept of your element! If you are in the category Toppers then that means you are second boss! If the family of Royals die out then your family comes in and rules.(just so you know everyone is immortal) And classic is just…….classic. So, we are done with all infffffffoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


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