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Magic is no Joke

Raina and Reagan have a secret, they're secretly witches! When Raina was seven and her sister was a baby, their parents mysteriously disappeared, and they want to find the truth!
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Chapter 1 of 7 - Magic School

"Sissy, I can't find my spell book!" my five-year-old little sister Reagan shouted. "Coming!" I shouted back. I ran into her room and pulled it out of one of the drawers in her desk. "I can't believe WE are going to a magic school!" Reagan said twirling in a circle. "I know!" I screeched. "Oh, Lena texted me! She wants to come over to our house today, and she said she'll bring Nayla too." "What're you gonna tell her? She can't find out our secret!" "I told her we're busy, boom, one thing done and a million left to go!" "Do you have your spell book, headband, correct uniform and your hair in a low ponytail?" I asked Reagan, making sure she wasn't missing anything. "Yep! So, how do we get there again?" Reagan asked me. "We have to touch the invitation together," I said. When we touched it there was a blur of colors swirling together into a rainbow then turning a sky blue until we heard a loud BOOM!. "Wow! The school is huge!" Reagan said running straight into the doors. " There were witches running to the big screen in the center of the room, so my sister and I followed. "Welcome to The Academy of Witchcraft!" There was an excited buzz among the witches, including my sister and I. "First, we will have to put you in the correct classes by a test so that is your project for today. Good luck!"


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