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Magic is no Joke

Raina and Reagan have a secret, they're secretly witches! When Raina was seven and her sister was a baby, their parents mysteriously disappeared, and they want to find the truth!
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Chapter 6 of 7 - Coven Time!

Amity and I raced to class and made it JUST in time. "Good morning class!" Our teacher Mr Yulu said to us. "Good morning Mr Yulu," everyone said sleepily. "Today we will be placing you in your covens, hooray!" "Yay," the class said again with no emotion. I was pretty excited though, covens! A chill of excitement went down my spine. "Here's how we will do it. I will call up one student at a time and you will place your hand on this light and your proper coven will come up on this screen. Alright?" Mr Yulu explained. "Okay Mr Yulu." "The first one up is Amity Porter." Amity walked up and gave me a hopeful smile since we both wanted to be in the same coven. Then she placed her hand on the light and the words Ocean Coven popped up on the screen. "Amity, you are in the Ocean Coven, so most- but not all- of your magic will be focused on the Ocean. You will be going the room 105," Mr Yulu said, gesturing out the door. He did the rest of the class, but I wasn't listening. I heard Meekah's coven though, she was in the plant coven, room 123. "And last but not least, Raina Hydrume," Mr Yulu said smiling at me. "I was very impressed with your spell on that dragon, that was beautiful." "Thank you," I said, blushing. Then I put my hand on the hot light and the words Fortune Tellers Coven appeared. "Dang it," I mumbled. "Oh! Fortune Tellers Coven, that is a good one! There are two other kids in there, Lea and Owen. It is room 138." "Thank you Mr Yulu!" "You're welcome Raina, and good luck!" I walked down the hall and saw Amity creating waves, Meekah yelling at other kids in the Plant Coven and some kids dressed in bright yellow sun dresses. I finally got to my room, and I saw Lea and Owen sitting there, staring at me shyly. "Hi, I'm Owen Tenaka," Owen said to me, smiling. All of a sudden I think I started blushing? And my hands were kinda sweaty, it was really weird. "Hey, I'm Raina Hydrume," I said sticking out my sweaty hand for him to shake. "Hey Raina, that's my sister, Lea. We're twins." Lea waved at me but still remained sitting down. I sat down on the floor with them and we just chatted about how we got into the school. I told them about my parents and Reagan. "Oh, I thought you sounded familiar, Raina Hydrume! You killed the Golden Dragon and you're Nya Hydrume's daughter. Do you know a lot of your family background?" Lea said, finally talking more confidently. "Yeah, I am! I wish I knew more, but my sister and I don't remember much about our family. I do know that my mom is famous but people won't say what she's famous for. And that Meekah hates me for no reason," I told them. "Meekah can be a little... irritable sometimes," Owen said. "A little is an understatement Owen," Lea said, crossing her arms. Then there was a knock on our door. "Come in!" I said. Mr Yulu came in and sat down with us. "Hopefully you three got to know each other a little better. Now it is time to start doing actual magic." I smiled really big.


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