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Magic is no Joke

Raina and Reagan have a secret, they're secretly witches! When Raina was seven and her sister was a baby, their parents mysteriously disappeared, and they want to find the truth!
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Chapter 5 of 7 - Meet Meekah

"Wait, a HYDRUME!?!?" An angry voice shouted from the growing crowd of witchlings. "Yes, Meekah, this is Raina Hydrume and her little sister, Reagan Hydrume," Ms Hazel said calmly. "Hey, I'm Raina," I said to her, sticking out my hand for her to shake. But instead, she slapped me across the face and a red imprint of Meekah's hand was now on my cheek. "Why do people keep doing that?!" I said. "Oh, your friends with Amity Porter? Haha, ew!" Meekah said, glaring at Amity. "Ahem," Ms Hazel coughed. "My apologies Ms Hazel," Meekah said bowing obediently. "Whatever is about to go down between you and Raina will continue in my office after school, understood?" "Dang it," I mumbled. "Yes Ms Hazel," Meekah and I said together. Once Ms Hazel left and I was walking to my locker with Amity, Meekah grabbed me by the top of my shirt and banged me against the lockers. "LOOK what you just did!!" Meekah yelled in my face. "I.... am sorry," I said. "Don't play dumb with me Hydrume! I know deep deep down you just wanna DESTROY me!!" "What? No I don't!" "Mmmmmhmm." "Meekah! Please, stop it!" Amity said. "Well, well, well, my old best friend went and found a new one. It's amazing how it's the daughter of your idol," Meekah teased. "Wait, old best friend? Amity, what's going on, were you friend's with Meekah?" I asked. "*Sigh*, yeah, since we were babies we WERE best friends. But then Meekah got older and we started gravitating towards different things," Amity explained. "Oh! You didn't tell her about the glorious person who made a huge impact on your life? Maybe you don't trust her as much as she thinks you do!" "What? I trust Raina!" Diiiiiiiing!! "Well, that's the bell, gotta go to class, smell ya later!" Meekah yelled. "Yeesh, glad that's over!" I said, rubbing my head which was sore from Meekah pushing me against the lockers. "Yep! We both have to see what coven we're in! C'mon Raina!" "Coming!"


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