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Magic is no Joke

Raina and Reagan have a secret, they're secretly witches! When Raina was seven and her sister was a baby, their parents mysteriously disappeared, and they want to find the truth!
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Chapter 4 of 7 - Saving Ava

"D-did that really just happen?" Amity said, shocked. "I think it did," Reagan said, looking like she was about to cry. "We have to get Ava back!" I shouted. "Too risky. Plus, as soon as the teachers see us out of hiding, they'll send us back," Amity said, depressed. "We don't have to listen to them! If you love Ava, you'll do anything for her!" I said. "I'm with my sister on this one Amity, let's go get my best friend back!" Reagan said with pride in her eyes. "*Sigh*, okay, let's go fight a dragon," Amity said. "Woo-oo!!" My sister and I shouted with huge smiles across our faces. We stepped outside, and it looked as if a tsunami of lava had flooded the school. It was so hot, we were all already sweating. "Hey, do you guys her that?" Amity asked us. "Yeah, it's coming from over there!" I yelled, running to pothole that the noise was coming from. "Ava!" We all shouted. "OMG! Guys! I'm soooo happy to see you!" Ava sighed. "What happened?" I asked her. "Well, I guess me not showering really payed off! The Golden Dragon thought I tasted TERRIBLE, so he spit me out in this neat hole he made by stomping the ground," Ava explained to us. "Let's use magic to fight him off!" I shouted. "We can't, we all just got excepted into the school for this year, we don't know how to control our powers yet," Amity said. "Well, I know a few spells and how to cast them, and one of them just might work for this situation," I said smirking. "Okay," Amity said. "Let's do this!" Reagan shouted. I remembered what my mom had taught me, and all of a sudden, I started to feel kinda lightheaded, but i looked and the Golden Dragon was down! "The dragon is down!" "Hooray!" "Who killed the dragon?" People were coming out of the dorms since they heard the huge boom. "Excuse me girls," Ms. Hazel said. "Yes Ms. Hazel," me, Amity, Reagan and Ava all said together. "What exactly happened here?" "Well, um- "Raina did it," Amity said. "She used a spell to kill the Golden Dragon." "I'm impressed with you Raina. But I expect nothing less from a Hydrume," Ms. Hazel said as I blushed proudly.


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