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Magic is no Joke

Raina and Reagan have a secret, they're secretly witches! When Raina was seven and her sister was a baby, their parents mysteriously disappeared, and they want to find the truth!
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Chapter 3 of 7 - Dragon on the Loose!

Ava skipped up to my sister and I and her and my sister started laughing hysterically. "What is happening here," Amity said looking very confused, just like me. "Remember that HILARIOUS joke?!" Reagan said, finally catching her breath. "Yeah! You are SO fun to hang out with," Ava said, taking deep breaths. "Unlike my sister," Reagan whispered, thinking that Amity and I couldn't hear them. "You guys have met before?" Amity asked. "Yep, in the bathroom!" Ava chirped. All of a sudden, the loudspeakers shouted, "Everyone to your dorm! I repeat everyone to your dorm! There is a Golden Dragon on the loose!" Amity's eyes widened. "We gotta go, NOW!" She screeched. "Ah!" I said as Amity pulled me and Ava pulled Reagan into a random dorm. We all ran into the same one, locked it, and started piling the heaviest things in the room against the door. We were all breathing heavily, until Reagan broke the silence. "What the heck is going on here?!" She shouted. "A dragon from the pet room escaped, and not just any old dragon. That is the MOST deadliest dragon the school owns. It's called a Golden Dragon," Amity said and shuddered. We all heard a scratch on the door, and it got incredibly hot in the room. "Yay! We must be able to come out! I'll get the door!" Ava said breaking into a huge smile. "No no no no no no no no no no no no!!" The rest of us said, shaking our heads, but it was too late. Ava opened the door and gasped. The Golden Dragon stood before her at the door. The dragon snatched her up and popped her in his mouth. "Ava!!" "OMG!!" "NOOOO!" Read about what happens to Ava in chapter 4! Be sure to tell me what you think by leaving a comment!


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