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This is the story Confidence told from Aubrey's perspective. Aubrey must learn that life long friendships are hard to find, and even harder to keep, will she keep all of her friends through their struggles.
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Chapter 1 of 8 - First Day Friends

Hi, I'm Aubrey I remember the day I met Olivia, it was the first day of Kindergarden. We were taking a poll to see everyone's favorite color. I said blue, but the reason I brought this up was, well... After we took the poll we went outside for recess. A girl from my class walked up to me and asked to be my friend, she also said that she said her favorite color was blue, because my favorite color was blue and she wanted my to notice her. Of course I said yes. I don't know how we stayed friends throughout the rest of elementary school, we got in fights, she made new friends, I made friends with the popular girls, Patricia, Eve, short for Evelyn, and Hannah, who shares a name with Olivia's sister. They are nice though. Any who, after school ended in 5th grade Olivia and I are on our Country Cub's swim team, we have relay records together. She is faster than me, and sometimes it's hard to cope with, but I will always support her. She also lives by good things, never smoke, never get a tattoo unless we both go to the Olympics together, we also made life plans hen we were younger, live together with cats (because I love cats), and I will be a teacher and Olivia will be a vet, I don't think those plans are still around anymore, since the 4th grade we grew apart, we both no it and we want to be closer, so we are doing a camp together, like we have been for the past few years, this year we are going to sculpting camp for a week.


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