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This is a tiny poem about love, I hope you enjoy!

Created by: BlairePines

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Chapter 1 of 1 - The Power of Love

Love is wild Love is mild Love is many things Falling in love happens To almost everyone and everything It is so important To know that you are loved For it is such a special thing Love is not just shown in diamonds Or beautiful golden rings Love is in the air And to love someone Is very fair Whether you hug them Or just say a simple hello, It is very nice, to know that you are loved Because that person's spirit may need boosting Or they are feeling down So please just open up your heart Because good things come around and around So please cherish this poem And know that you are appreciated and loved as a friend or in another way So please start by loving your family Since it is the only way To save the Earth from hatred So please go on your way I hoped you all liked my poem! Please do know that someone loves you as a friend or in another way. Loving people is very important no matter how you love them. Thank you all so much for writing such beautiful poems and stories and for inspiring me to write my first ever poem! Sincerely, Blaire

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