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Lost in Finn Island

''Tomorrow's the day! Tomorrow's the day!'' chanted Chloe as she ran around yard reminding her three friends Michael, Pearl, and Jason about their long-awaited trip to Finn Island.''Tomorrow, really?'' said Michael.''Already?'' asked Pearl, ''time really can fly!'' ''I can't wait to go swimming, and drink coconuts and have so much fun!'' said Jason. The four friends lived in Naperville, a faraway planet where everything was good and great. Friendship had brought them together from a series of events that occurred. The beach, the cabin, the pebbles, they had all helped to form this group. Things seemed to be going perfect! Little did they know that the adventures and mystery of what they were about to go through would change their perspective of the world, morph their view of greatness and bring them to places one could only dream of going. This is their story.
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Chapter 1 of 16 - To Naperville!

Dear Diary, I'm SOOO exited to finally be invited to Naperville! I heard about it and loved the idea of going there. Oh, I probably should tell you what Naperville is. It's this far away planet in the Andromeda galaxy. I heard about it from my friend Chloe who lives there. You must get invited by someone who lives there and then do this complicated procedure I'm not allowed to talk about. I plan to leave tomorrow. I am sad about leaving good ol' Earth, but hey! I get to live in a place that seems like paradise. I better go to bed or I won't be able to wake up tomorrow. See you at Naperville!! -Pearl Wow! thought Pearl, I'm one of the few that get to go to Naperville! I wonder what it really will be like." The next day, Chloe, who needed to take Pearl to Naperville, was making her way back to Earth to pick her up. "Fourth house to the right, blue walls. . . aha! there it is!" The two friends exchanged hugs and told each other about their experiences since the last time they met. ''Wow, so many things have changed since I last was here!'' commented Chloe. ''Yeah. For one, 'cool for coolie's' ice cream shop is no longer here.'' said Pearl. ''They apparently closed because people weren't buying from them.'' ''Not to offend them or anything, but I can see why people weren't buying.'' replied Chloe. The two continued their chat until they reached the place where they would be taken to Naperville. It was a beautiful day to be outside. It was warm, fresh, and lush in color. Pearl wondered if it would be the same in Naperville. "And here we are!" said Chloe. Turning to face Pearl, she said sternly. "Now, I have been in Naperville for two years and I know that everyone is nice and caring. BUT, that certainly doesn't mean that people will simply allow you to take advantage of them. When we get to Naperville everyone will expect you to treat them like you always were one of them. Understand?" "You bet." said Pearl in reply. "Also try to keep a low profile for the first few days. Please!" "Gotcha. What about boys? Will I meet any nice boys soon?" Asked Pearl "What did I just say about keeping a low profile?!" "Sorry," said Pearl. "I'm just really exited you know!" Once the two girls had reached Naperville they started towards the place where Pearl's new home was. The whole way Chloe was telling Pearl about all the sights and sounds of Naperville. There was Springlin Beach, Twilight, Huffington sweets, and so much more! Pearl started to make a list in her mind of all the places she would visit, and all the unique things she would try, when suddenly she realized that what she really wanted was a pet. Not just any pet, this one needed to be special. She told Chloe about her decision and Chloe looked at her like she was an alien. ''What?'' asked Pearl, confused. "My, Pearl!'' exclaimed Chloe. ''You haven't even been here one day and you are already thinking about having a pet? Take some time to relax first, enjoy the beach!'' ''Ok, but when can I get a pet?'' ''Whenever you would like! I'm just saying that maybe you should take some time off for other things before you start buying fish for your cat!'' said Chloe. ''A CAT! That's perfect!'' said Pearl, ''Oooo, what should I name my cat? Mark? Celia?'' ''Ugh. . . Ok Pearl. You know what, get your cat. If a cat is what you really want to make you happy, you should get one.'' said Chloe in reply to Pearl's excitement. ''And boys. Nice boys. That is another thing on my bucket list.'' said Pearl. Chloe facepalmed, ''It sure is good to know the excitement will wear off someday.''


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