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Lost in Finn Island

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Chapter 10 - Meet Maverick.

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Jason carefully walked out of the hole the eagle had dropped him in. He looked around trying to find a way down, when suddenly he heard a loud noise coming from the direction of the ocean. At first he thought it was Pearl, but he quickly changed his mind. "YAAAAAAAAAAAHOO!!!" "Who is that?" He thought to himself. He was too far away to make out any details, but it looked like a person, here was his help! Jason soon found a path down the mountain and there he found himself on a sandy beach. The strange thing was, the man he had heard down here wasn't there anymore! He looked across the ocean, but he wasn't there either. "Hello?" called Jason. "Is anyone there?" "Who are you?" the voice behind Jason scared him so much it made him jump like two feet in the air. "AAGH!" screamed Jason turning to face the man, "Where did you come from? You scared me so ba—" "I repeat, who are you?" said the man. "Me? You tell me who you are, I won't… alright sorry, I'm Jason and I'm lost." Jason took a closer look at the man; He was dark haired and had a medium-long beard. Over his light blue shirt he wore a black leather jacket that extended downwards into a cape. He sort of looked like a pirate, especially because of his pirate-like hat that had a picture of a parrot on the front. "Huh, lost? Bet you were probably doing something stupid when you got lost." "What? No!" said Jason. "You thought you could just walk into the forest without a compass or a rope, go into a cave without a flashlight or lantern, and make it out without a scratch?" said the man. "No! I didn't mean to get lost, it just happened!" "You are exactly like all the others, nothing new here. By the way, I'm Maverick." "Nice to meet you Maverick, but what others? said Jason. "A few months ago a group of little kids came to me saying that they were lost and refusing to admit that they got lost chasing after a squirrel in the woods. Little did they know I constantly check on these woods and the nearby village. I saw them chase after the squirrel." "Oh." "In fact, I saw you get caught by the eagle as well. Nothing new there." said Maverick. "Um... Ok... What was that weird yell I heard a few minutes ago?" "YAAAAAAAAAAAHOO!!!" "There it is again!" exclaimed Jason, "Where is it coming from?!" "Oh that! That's just Mojo. He does that." said Maverick, "Mojo! Mojo c'mere my big bird!" A multi-colored parrot suddenly shot up from the ground, spreading sand and pebbles all over the place. "AAAAGH!" shouted Jason, the parrot scared him so much he almost fell over. Panting, he tried to regain composure. "Wha— What even—" "Haha!" said Maverick in a proud voice to his parrot. "You did it again you sneaky doodleduffy!" "Doodleduffy?" "Ah, you don't need to know anything about that. Anyways, care for a glass of lemonade?" "I— um. . . sure why not?" said Jason. "Alright Mojo, off you go!" said Maverick. Without hesitation the parrot leaped off Maverick's arm and plunged down into the sand like a little drill, throwing sand and pebbles all around again. "How does he even do that?!?" asked Jason, bewildered. "Ah it's common! They dive down there in their little holes and some sand colored flaps close it up. Then they'll just push it open when they want out or when I call them.” explained Maverick. "Don't know why. One just did it once and the rest seemed to like the idea." "Wait, wait, THEY? You have more??" "Watch." Maverick let out a sheer whistle and suddenly, ten other parrots shot up into the sky, and then playfully fought to get his attention. "Alright, alright! Parrots, line up over here!" Through all this Jason just stood there with a blank face, not knowing what to do. "Atteeeeeeeention!" ordered Maverick. "Stay." turning to face Jason, he said, "So, um. . . any questions?" "Oh you don't even imagine."


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