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Lost in Finn Island

''Tomorrow's the day! Tomorrow's the day!'' chanted Chloe as she ran around yard reminding her three friends Michael, Pearl, and Jason about their long-awaited trip to Finn Island.''Tomorrow, really?'' said Michael.''Already?'' asked Pearl, ''time really can fly!'' ''I can't wait to go swimming, and drink coconuts and have so much fun!'' said Jason. The four friends lived in Naperville, a faraway planet where everything was good and great. Friendship had brought them together from a series of events that occurred. The beach, the cabin, the pebbles, they had all helped to form this group. Things seemed to be going perfect! Little did they know that the adventures and mystery of what they were about to go through would change their perspective of the world, morph their view of greatness and bring them to places one could only dream of going. This is their story.
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Chapter 7 of 17 - Dragged Under.

They were rocketed to the floor of the ocean, Coincidentally, right into an underwater cave. As the force of the decent diminished, the four friends found themselves stuck in a small underwater air pocket. They knew that they would not be able to swim back to the surface; they were very far from it, did not know the way, and had come down much faster than it would take to go up, not giving them enough time and air needed. But they couldn't stay where they were, or they would run out of air! So there they were, doomed to tread water until they either were rescued, or... died. "We have to get out of this place, I can already feel my breathing getting harder!" said Michael. "But where do we go?" asked Pearl. "That's just it, we have nowhere to go to!" answered Jason. "Maybe one of us could go a ways up the cave and see if there is another air pocket there." suggested Michael. Every time one of them tried to talk the echo in the small pocket boomed around their heads. "I'm not doing it. You do it if you want." said Jason. "Yeah it's dangerous..." Chloe agreed with Jason. "But somebody's got to do it." said Michael. No one volunteered. "Fine I'll go." said Michael, unsure of himself. As he swam out of the pocket of air into the cave, he ran out of air really quickly. Swimming back to the shelter, he reported his luck to the rest, nothing. The next to try at the task was Jason, who also came back empty-handed. Chloe and finally Pearl went, but like all the others, were not able to accomplish anything. The only other choice was to go down, but really? They were trying to get out of this place! Going down was out of the plan. "This is terrible!" exclaimed Chloe. "I can hardly breathe, I feel faint!" said Michael. "So is this it then?" asked Pearl, "Is this the end for us?" "There must be some way out of here guys!" said Jason. "The only other path we haven't tried is... down." said Michael. There was a dead silence for a few seconds. "Well it's either down or nothing I guess." said Pearl. So the group headed down a way and did actually find another space with air in it! This one was smaller, but it worked, and at this point, anything that helped in any way was good. This air pocket though, did not last long and soon they found themselves going further down into the abyss. At this point, it was incredibly hard to see, and the pressure was pressing immensely on them. All of a sudden, one of them pointed out a faint light seeming to come from the direction they were going in. The closer they got, the brighter it turned. *Splash!* "Oof, I fell!" said Jason who was soon followed by the rest of the group on top of him. "Ouch! Michael, you landed right on me!" "Sorry I didn't know you- OUCH!" After the group had crashed on top of each other, they looked around their surroundings. They were in a living room sized section of the cavern. Behind them was the small waterfall they had just fallen off, flowing into the small pool of crystalline water they were in. All around them was a sheet of white rock and pillars of a blue-tinted aquamarine crystal. In the middle was a strange object, emitting an eerie blue glow. It wasn't connected to anything, didn't open in any way, and was just plain weird to the adventurers. They later learned that the object was a piece of foxfire; rotting wood. They were hesitant to pick it up at first. But they could really use it as a lantern, so they cautiously picked it up and used it to light the way to their next path. "But Naperville is supposed to be nice and good, look at us!" said Pearl. "We'll get out of here soon." said Chloe, "Right?"


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