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Lost in Finn Island

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Chapter 6 - Pearl Party.

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It was a sunny day, a soft breeze coursed the circle of houses. Birds chirped outside their windows. Pearl hoped it would stay that way, but the forecast still posed hard rain the whole week. She stretched and worked herself into her everyday clothes. "Today I'm fifteen!" She thought to herself. Stepping out of her cabin she was greeted by four smiling faces. "Surprise!" said the friends. "Happy birthday gorgeous girl!" said Chloe. "I can hardly believe it," exclaimed Pearl, "hat it's already my birthday again…" At that moment it started to rain. "Well, I guess we are staying indoors then." said Jason. Sadly, Pearl and her friends walked back indoors. Pearl leaned on the windowsill watching the rain, hoping it would go away. She left the window to see what her friends were up to. It was about three minutes that a voice exclaimed: "Look, the rain stopped!" Indeed, if you looked outside you couldn't see a trace of rain! As they eagerly scampered outside, they were relieved to feel the sun on their shoulders, the ocean breeze, and birds chirping. "This is great!" exclaimed Michael. "Now we can swim in the ocean and have hikes around the island!" "Alright!" said Jason. For the next few hours the group spent their time running, splashing, eating, and more fun. It is absolutely incredible how quickly time can pass. As the sunset came down on Iceper, the guests gradually said goodbye, and the party faded away, all that was left was four individuals, well ready to rest. "No, that's fine. You go ahead, I think I'll swim for a while more before I head on inside." said Pearl to her friends. "What an adventure this has all been!" Thought Pearl, "The trip, Iceper, Moonstone, Michael, Jason and his pets!" It was all so much privilege for a teen her age. It was that she realized how far from land the current had taken her. "Woah!" She thought to herself, "Okay, this is pretty bad actually!" She fought to return to land but didn't seem to go anywhere. "Guys!" she shouted. There was a vast echo heard throughout. "Guys help!" she cried again, "Chloe, someone! I'm being dragged away, help!" she felt an adrenaline rush through her spine and down her back. "Help me!" A faded light came from the direction of the cabins. "Pearl?" a voice seemed to say. "Pearl where are you?" "Right here, hey!" exclaimed Pearl in return. Sadly, from Jason, Michael, and Chloe's view, all they could see was black. They brought out one of the inflatable floaty boat things from the party and headed on the direction of Pearl's voice. "Hey, you're here. I was so worried you wouldn't hear me!" said Pearl, relieved. "What are you doing here anyways?" asked Chloe. "All alone in the middle on sea?" "The current carried me. I didn't realize it until I was way out here." "Well let's get back soon. It's 10:00 already." said Michael. As they were heading back, they noticed something odd. The inflatable boat was losing air! They checked to see if the air valve was open, but it wasn't. That meant that there was a hole somewhere! Long before they were near shore, their boat was completely out. "What will we do now?" asked Michael. "Look! What is that?" asked Jason. "Woah, it's like… Oh NO! Help, HELP! IT'S A WHIRLPOOL!!" exclaimed Pearl. "And it's pulling us towards it fast!" The paddled with everything to get out of the pull of the large whirlpool. Feet, hands, body, anything helped! But the closer they got to the spinning vortex, the stronger and faster the pull got. In those seconds of paddling and shouting, time seemed to slow down. Suddenly, it was all over. The immense force slammed on them like a huge sledgehammer, ripping the water under them making way to the great deep.


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