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Lost in Finn Island

''Tomorrow's the day! Tomorrow's the day!'' chanted Chloe as she ran around yard reminding her three friends Michael, Pearl, and Jason about their long-awaited trip to Finn Island.''Tomorrow, really?'' said Michael.''Already?'' asked Pearl, ''time really can fly!'' ''I can't wait to go swimming, and drink coconuts and have so much fun!'' said Jason. The four friends lived in Naperville, a faraway planet where everything was good and great. Friendship had brought them together from a series of events that occurred. The beach, the cabin, the pebbles, they had all helped to form this group. Things seemed to be going perfect! Little did they know that the adventures and mystery of what they were about to go through would change their perspective of the world, morph their view of greatness and bring them to places one could only dream of going. This is their story.
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Chapter 5 of 17 - New People, New Pets.

Time passed rapidly in Naperville, as Pearl and Chloe built their acquaintance with Jason and one of his friends, Michael, their lives changed drastically one day! "Hey Chloe, I'm bringing Jason and Michael to the island." said Pearl. "Oh! Cool, how long will they stay for?" asked Chloe. "… Forever." "What?? You invited them to MOVE here?!?" exclaimed Chloe. "Yeah! And while you were gone on your trip, I got two more cabins built on our circle!" said Pearl excitedly, "No longer will we be smuggled with long boring days, and also, from here on we'll each have a boyfriend!" "Pearl! This is a group decision!!!" said Chloe frantically, "You can't simply bring two people we have known for a few short weeks into our private island!!" "But… I already did it." But in time, Chloe decided that having the two new boys in the island might not be so bad. A sneaking suspicion even began to build up inside of Pearl that Chloe sort of liked Michael. She thought so because of the way Chloe acted around him. She would always act at least two times more mature around Michael and sometimes, occasionally, even let a it out by mistake in the most subtle way. And thus was life for the next three months, with the group bonding together ever more. Jason's dog Boey, an Appenzeller Sennenhund, and cat Zoey, a Bengal kitty, brought much to their adventure as well. The three pets would play all day together and even sleep in the same bed at night! It was incredible how much energy the pets had. Feeding them water and food, water especially, became a roller coaster of its own. For this reason, the group put their heads together, and threw together a super hi-tech, scientific, automatic pet perfect feeding device… okay fine I'll tell you the truth. They found it at a pet shop Chloe though of when Boey started barking because he was thirsty, again! Don't get me wrong though, these pets were well behaved… most of the time at least. They used to be just wild and carefree, so Jason and Pearl took them to obedience school. There they learned a thing or two about manners, respect, and how there is a time and place for everything. Moreover, Pearl's birthday was just three days away! Decorations and presents were purchased, food and drinks were prepared, pool floats and party games were bought, it was all going to be great! Except for one thing. Weather forecast was saying to expect rain on the very day. "Not a big problem," you say, "Just do the party on another day!" But there's more, you see, it was going to apparently rain for the whole week. Once the rain stopped, Michael was going to be interviewing to work at Mondy, a tech company known for making the Moget and Halomere a reality; an interview that you really only get one chance at. After that you kind of have to agree that it would be a little bit late for any kind of feast. So the group decided to hope for no rain but if so, just stay indoors. With a plan and purpose in mind they carried on to the party.


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