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Lost in Finn Island

''Tomorrow's the day! Tomorrow's the day!'' chanted Chloe as she ran around yard reminding her three friends Michael, Pearl, and Jason about their long-awaited trip to Finn Island.''Tomorrow, really?'' said Michael.''Already?'' asked Pearl, ''time really can fly!'' ''I can't wait to go swimming, and drink coconuts and have so much fun!'' said Jason. The four friends lived in Naperville, a faraway planet where everything was good and great. Friendship had brought them together from a series of events that occurred. The beach, the cabin, the pebbles, they had all helped to form this group. Things seemed to be going perfect! Little did they know that the adventures and mystery of what they were about to go through would change their perspective of the world, morph their view of greatness and bring them to places one could only dream of going. This is their story.
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Chapter 3 of 17 - Iceper!

''And the winning numbers are. . . 7-5-2-6-9-3'' ''Oh well, I didn't expect to win anyways.'' said Chloe not too disappointedly as she stared at her ticket which said the numbers ''6-3-8-2-4-6''. She decided to ring Pearl and see if she won anything. Nonchalantly she pulled out her phone from her pocket and dialed her friends number. It wasn't three seconds that she heard someone POUNDING on her door! ''Chloe! CHLOE! a muffled voice screamed at the top her voice, ''OPEN THE DOOR CHLOE!!'' As Chloe opened the door she saw that the frantic behind her door was Pearl! And she looked like she had run a mile straight on instant coffee. ''Chloe, guess what!'' "What? You won the raffle!?!" "Yes!! I am so excited about Iceper!" said Pearl. "Iceper?" "I named it Iceper! It's a mix of the words 'island' and 'Pearl'." "What about 'Chloe'?" asked Chloe with a demanding look in her eyes. "Oh sure, we are going to name the island that I won, 'Icechloper'." replied Pearl. "Fine, we can name it Iceper." Dejectedly, Chloe submitted to Pearl. "Yay!" said Pearl, "When can we go visit?" "I don't know! It's your island, visit it whenever you want!" said Chloe. "Our island, remember." Pearl said, "Wait! Aren't we going to move there?" "Hold on Pearl, we haven't even seen it in person yet." replied Chloe. "Oh you're right!" exclaimed Pearl, "Maybe we should go there first." Only two months later, they were ready to move to their beloved pocket of paradise. How come only one month? Well, let's say they were motivated on their mission. At Iceper the two started building their lives again, this time with much more room to spare. To Pearl, this change was easy. She hadn't lived in the city for too long and was still fresh for any adjustments. To Chloe on the other hand, this was a completely different world than she had been used to! The city life had grinded down on her until she seemed fixed to her lifestyle. The sudden change took a little longer to sink in for her, but in time, she got used to the novelty of island life. After enough time she too became happy and acceptable.


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